Thursday, 30 October 2014

Take a SIP

Quote for today

 ‘You need to engage with someone rather than disengage. You need support, you need a purport and you need to import.’

Managing your daily workload on your very own can be quite daunting. Working with others changes this providing you find the right people. Families and Friends are usually a good starting point. Taken with a daily SIP you will find generally that your day pans out a lot better. SIP stands for Support, Import and Purport. With support you have the backing of other minds that can openly work together with you to lessen your workload. Support overcomes covertness. Support is strength and added embodiment. Support strengthens the weakened pillar. Purport is about the real meaning of your dilemma. Why has it happened to you? What are you willing to do about it? Purport makes sense when there is very little of it. Purport is relevant because understanding your dilemma ensures that you will not do it again. Import is about bringing in value to your life. It is about gathering righteousness from righteous people. It is about opening new doors in your life and routing what is needed and to know real value from false notions. Engage with other people especially with those you know and can trust. Don’t stand alone. Get on the phone and engage with others.

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