Monday, 6 October 2014

Good Foods create good moods.

  Quote of the day
‘Good foods create good moods and conversely good moods create good foods.’
Dear Friends welcome to a fine day amongst days that are meant to be lived and thoroughly enjoyed during your lifetime on planet Earth. How has the start of your working week been thus far? Has it been okay, average, mediocre, sullen, unexpected, depressing, shocking, stressful, cold, bitter, coarse, strange, uninviting or depressing? Life should not hold such a barrage of obstacles because you are human and therefore have the right to a fair life supported by a fair system.
I cherish my life from the break of dawn to the dusk of day. I really do. I live in anticipation and I pace my day in strict and defined instructions. If my instructions are to get up at 4:00am then I shall be up with the zest to remain awake for the rest of the day. If I have to leave home to go to work I believe in leaving ten minutes early. This makes an incredible difference, it really does otherwise I would not share it with you.
You see, Dear Friends what lies in front of you is a result of your juxtaposition. Change you position, your orientation, your perception, your observation and your inference and you will change things around you. The car in front of you only appeared there because you cross the path of similar circumstances. How you deal with these circumstances may make or break your day.
One of the key ingredients if you wish to sustain a happy day is to eat well, hence the opening title, Good Foods create good moods. I do not want to ramify food descriptions down your throat for it is basically commonsense. Eat aggressive, hurriedly and greedily and you face the consequences of feelings that support negation. How about bloating, heartburn, indigestion, stomach cramps, allergies, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, fatigue, sleepiness or migraines.
These symptoms can ruin your day. It makes you unclear, unfocussed and uncomfortable. You know the feeling because you experienced it almost every single day of your life. Today I want to talk about a group of foods that if eaten incorrectly can cause serious consequences. These foods are fruit. Fruit is something that the stomach cannot digest and sends it to the next stage of digestion which is the small intestines.
Our organs talk to each other in a language of their own. My stomach would probably say to my small intestines, ‘Small intestines please get ready because there is some fruit coming through.’ A little later the small intestines might reply, ‘Hey stomach where is the fruit that I have been waiting for a while’. The stomach would commonly reply, ‘Sorry small intestines there seems to be a blockage as some fish, chips and corn are in the way.’ The small intestines then said, ‘Well stomach you know the consequences if fruit stays too long in you it will putrefy and young Fred is going to suffer from indigestion.’
Dear friends, Good foods really create good moods. You should eat fruit before any meals. You should allow around twenty before eating the next course. This allows the stomach to pass the fruit onto the small intestines for a clearer and normal digestion. Eating fruit after a main meal causes the fruit to remain in the stomach where it putrefies and cause indigestion, heartburn and the usual symptoms of stomach upsets.
Eat well Dear Friends and maintain a healthier approach to your daily lifestyle. Eating good foods correctly and timorously leads to goods moods and a more stable day. Try it you have nothing to loose but so much to gain. Remember fruit cannot be digested by your stomach and therefore has to been passed onto the small intestines for proper nutritional extraction and a better and healthier digestion tract. This is just one aspect of different food groups. We will speak of other food groups later on. The zest of eating well defines how your day pans out. Good Foods do create good moods, conversely good moods creates good foods. Eat well but eat it intelligently, with an abundance of water and with a great deal of consideration and moderation. Always remember that a healthy diet constitutes a wealthy lifestyle. Have a fruitful day! 

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