Tuesday, 7 October 2014

‘Let’s be more instructive, constructive and productive and less destructive and obstructive.’

Quote of the day
 ‘Life can be portrayed as a rollercoaster of thrills and frills. To get on the rollercoaster of life you need a valid ticket endorsed with instructive, constructive and productive agendas.’

Getting over your gremlins can be a mammoth task if you do not know exactly what they are. However it is easier to live a life of thrills and frills knowing that your journey each day from dawn to dusk is merited according to instructions, constructive behaviour and a more productive life. A life of thrills is measured by the joy of living it. There has to be that innermost excitement within you when you get up that propels you the floor ready to take action. I am talking about the electrifying feeling that exhilarates you to do well and to be well. A life of frills is one that is filled with self-indulgence. It is a life of luxury based on your passions and desires to feel comfortable, to be comfortable and to relax in comfort. It is a life of magnificence which the gremlins do not want you to have or share. To overcome your gremlins you need instructions. You need a set of instructions that has previously worked for someone else. Instructions is education and from education we get proper directions to a better life. Let us assume that you went about your first day at work without any instructions. You did not plan your journey and therefore got to work late. You did not take a packed lunch because you thought that there are many restaurants or takeaways in the vicinity of your new job. Sadly your office is located miles from the nearest café. You went unprepared, you did plan and you did not follow any instructions. Result – Gremlins 1 – You – 0. The next concept to a life of thrills and obvious frills is to be constructive. To be constructive is to be positive. A positive outlook to life makes you confident in your abilities, optimistic about your future and progressive in your approach to your life. If you went to work as an example without a constructive approach you shall see meet the Gremlins in your life in person. You shall meet badness, you shall feel sadness and the result is Gremlins 2 – You – 0. A productive person is one that prepares in advance. A productive person is a laborious worker, creative to the core, industrious in mind, dynamic in charisma, helpful in problem solving and useful when ideas need bouncing off. So, in order to avoid the gremlins winning by 3 nil, you need to be CIP. You need to be Constructive, Instructive and Productive.

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