Friday, 17 October 2014

‘Show by example, lead by example and be an example.

Quote of the day
 ‘Reverence is the admiration for one’s existence, it is the consistence of one’s efforts, it is the insistence to get the job done, it is the persistence to make dreams come true, it is admiration of an individual to ask for assistance and it is an acknowledgement of one to go the distance.’

What makes a weekend special is when we established reverence in all that we do from the 1st working day of the week to the final working day when we hang up our boots. For the faculty to exercise work we shall always be rewarded with a weekend of our own. In a year there are 52 weekends and in a lifetime there are 520 weekends. The making of our annual calendar certainly was planned well in advance. We have a birthday in our annual calendar and a list of public holidays with slight variations depending on which country we live in. We also have our holidays tallied in our year planner bespoke to our needs and budget. What more can we ask for? This is reverence for our life and for the lives of so many other people that live in a bustling planet. For this I am eternally grateful and my veneration goes to Almighty GOD who has been the key planner setting out standards for us to follow and abide by. I feel proud to be a devoted servant of our Heavenly Father employed in a Faculty of my choice and to work steadily each year with respect and awe for my life as a human being and for an eternal life based on my intent. In return I must make it my duty to remind others to follow suit. I need to show by example, lead by example and to be an example. To do this I need to apply reverence in all that I do. My efforts must be consistent with altruistic values from dawn to dusk and from decade to decade. I need to be insistent in order to get the job done and to ensure that I am able to do this I need to be assertive. I am indeed the maker of my destiny and therefore capable of making dreams come true. If my dreams are unselfish I will always be guaranteed that they will materialise. This is the tenacity of my mind power in motion and the importunity of my physical power in action. I should not be afraid to be mentally and physically active for in a given year I shall always be rewarded with 52 weekends, at least 10 public holidays and my annual leave. What more can I ask for my unselfish efforts. If I am stuck I must seek assistance. For many an individual that treaded the earth before have found easy passages to follow rather than create a meandering road of uncertainty and ambiguity. I must strive to go the full distance because I set out in my agenda a workload based on my intent. I cannot at the end of my working week procrastinate, miscalculate or detonate my schedule. I wrote it with pen to paper now I must execute it with mind and body. This shall always be my attitude from the 1st day of a new week to the last day of my working week. For these qualities I shall draw attention to others that walk past me that look at me or think about me. They will see that I am trying and therefore shall try to make good themselves. For this I shall be remembered as the Good Samaritan that lived for 100 years and showed by example, led by example and became an example.

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