Wednesday, 1 October 2014

‘Over in October’
Quote of the day
‘In October 2014 it shall all be over. You shall be anointed with a new makeover to brush away those gremlins and moreover you shall be staid rover, travelling the Earth in search of peace and a devout rambler that speaks to the flowers and the birds and the bees.’
Dear Friends let us embrace this month with a new ideology and that is love, genuine love. Yes, I am talking about the affection for the animals, the adoration for the flora, the friendship for all, the tenderness for your loved ones, the feelings for the needy, the fondness for the seedy, the devotion for Almighty GOD, the passion for your goals, the desire for your actions and the enthusiasm to get up each day to get the job done. Yes, I want you to love to live your life despite the many trials and tribulations that scars your mind and your body. Today I want you to start anew like a shoot that emerges from the Earth and watches the world from below. What are the chances for this shoot to survive? It will survive because it has being coded with the knowledge to survive. It wants to live like you to grow into a tree and to carry its own history for the world to read. If you are willing to accept this then you shall be anointed with a new vision, to start your life from today like never before. Can you imagine waking up to the sound of desire and passion? Have you ever tasted the authentic feel of passion and desire? Passion is the hunger to succeed. It should be like an early morning paroxysm that drives you out of bed to accomplish rather than to procrastinate tucked into your eiderdown. Desire is your earnest and personal wish described in your own words and feelings, written with aspiration and undertaken with motivation. Can you imagine yourself free from debt, free from threat, free from sweat and certainly without fret? In October we want all these negative feelings to be over. Yes, Over in October. I want you to start fresh. I want you to have a vision of your future in a world filled and teeming with opportunities. I want you to dream your future and to taste it by experimentation. I want you to carry this mental picture with you every single day from now on, the start of your era. I want you to fit into the shoes that you feel comfortable in and walk a journey across deserts, mountains, chasms, caves, undergrowth, overgrowth, forests, savannahs, marshes, ghettos, slums and natural disasters without fear, without a morsel of tear, without a sneer, without the slightest sear but instead with a bright cheer, unmistakeably clear with the sheer delight of having to love your life. People have let you down but from on you need to uplift yourself. You need to shred those gremlins that lurk under the skirting board, which makes repeatedly your day dismal and abysmal. I want you to submerge into new knowledge and emerge from it acknowledged and wiser. Let the 31 days in October be used wisely. Us it to overcome those addictions, and to trample those contradictions and to annul those saddened convictions of guilt and to augment those convictions that broaden your belief. You can do it but you need to believe. You need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you can achieve your dreams. You need to believe in the whole concept of believing. You need to consider all and to and the confidence in every living organism let alone every human being. This is the hallmark of true faith. Faith stops wars. Faith creates Friendship. Faith confirms your longevity. Faith brings you comfort, joy and happiness. Faith is like living matter or a medium if sat upon will carry you like the planets and satellites into daily rotational orchestrated movements that is precise and twice as nice. Love your life. Love it more than anything else and from it reap the rewards for your constant gallantry and your concerted efforts. With love from Anthony, a person that cares, shares and remains fair.

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