Tuesday, 30 September 2014

‘Beauty in the hands of the Beholder’
Quote of the day
‘Beauty is in the hands of the beholder. From head to toes, from chin to shin, from cell to cell, from ionosphere to the inner core of the Earth, from leave to petal, from animal to the tiny worm there is beauty in the most elegant form.’
Beauty is indeed inspiring. Look at a flower and see beauty in the most flawless of ways. The hues of different magical strokes of the colour spectrum is embraced in a collage of shapes and sizes. Look at an animal that is covered in fur, from a cur to a buffalo bur you shall see elegant stokes of awe and wonder painted in streaks, stripes or various types. This is how you make a month an exciting one. You engage with nature. You engage with the beauty of nature and because you are part of nature you need to admire yourself as well. You must acknowledge that you are indeed beautiful, with a charm that is exquisite. As quaint as the daffodils your loveliness must carry you through each month. You need to float like the butterfly, shine like the Sun, laugh like the hyenas and dance like the dandelions. As much as you are beautiful in your own eyes so is the butterflies, the Sun, the hyenas and the dandelions, without whom there shall be no life on Earth. You need to the attractiveness of your fascination to spark an interest in people around you. You need to embrace life with love and you need to love to live it. You need a certain magnetism to make people know that you are their friends and as much as you need to respect them their need to respect you. Your prettiness is summed up in your good looks. Don’t feel otherwise for you are indeed good looking. This is how you cherish a new month and say farewell to an old one. It is simple you just embrace everything with beauty. Your gorgeousness is reflected by the praise and commendations you receive. Have you not had any in the month of September? If so, then I suggest you look deep into the spectrum of beauty and share beauty with beauty. You need splendour for I regard myself as majestic for I am indeed human. I also regard everyone else as majestic, all 7 billion of us and respect each one as one. I typify magnificence in all its glory for all creatures great or small is as important as you and I. Every day to me is special. I feel radiance in the settings of my surroundings and seek to improve where there is a worsening effect and to perk up the wilted feel of neglect and disregard. I am indeed harmonising. I am getting together people that want to be apart. I want to spread the spectrum of colour throughout the corridors of my existence and to make everyone aware that beauty is in the hands of the beholder. It is hard to say goodbye to a fading month but at least I have captured fond memories of it throughout my daily existence. Love life that is displayed in a spectrum of beauty, do it daily and see how productive each month of your life shall be. Don’t kick a stone out of your way, pick it up, examine it and then place it somewhere where it is belonging. Don’t brush away the cobweb, leave it be. Don’t trample onto the marching ants that mean you no harm, for their all have beauty written all over them. Dear Friends, you are beautiful. I can see it, I can feel and I can appreciate it. Don’t carry a negative feeling into the month of October. Think beauty, be beautiful and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

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