Thursday 18 September 2014

‘The Value of your Life’

Quote of the day
‘Life has value for its incredible importance from birth to eternity. Life has a lifespan limited to 100 years on Earth and life cycle that is infinite. You are worth more than anything else in the world. It is not your credit rating that matters but your merit rating instead.’

The value of your life is priceless. It starts in the fertile womb of your mother, the nurturing angel of your life. At birth in the cradle of her arms you are exposed to a living world in a bustling planet that harbours more precious and valuable lives. You are here and that is all that matters. What lies ahead of you is a road to wisdom, bounded by infinite knowledge laid down by predecessors that knew of your arrival. Lurking in the corridors of this road of incredible magnificence are the callous ones, who lure you to disbelieve in your value. They groom you to materialistic wealth with constant stealth I must add for I have seen their kind form across the oceans and as far away down under. They label you with a credit rating, a security number and you then become just a number growing up in a world where you are dispensable. You are dispensable at school where your peers constantly tell you openly that you are not good enough and therefore reject you when you want to go further. You are dispensable at work, even though you were loyal, committed, dedicated and never took a single day off work sick or in bereavement. Suddenly they tell you that they have to let you go. The bills surmount, your credit rating changes but your security number remains unaltered. You suddenly lose value in your life. Dear Friends rebuff this crazy setup and value your life irrespective of your age. I want you to reclassify yourself. I want you to become indispensable. I want you to value your life from the moment you are born. I want you embark on a career based on your intent. If you want to excel in the academies than I say go ahead and fulfil your dreams. If you want to excel at work than work for yourself if others cannot see the good in you. Work a 5 day week and relish in the magic of a weekend basked in sheer relaxation and pleasure. Fill the socks of your dreams with ingots of self-esteem and magic potions that only you can feel change when you take it. Love your life, love every minute of it. Love the world for it is your home. Love its inhabitants for they play a vital role in your success too. Love to harmonise and love to augment your feelings towards your loved ones. Don’t allow inhibitions to spoil your intent, just live by being content. Hold the magic torch in your hand that shines a clear path to your centennial life on Earth. Create friends but reduce enemies. Don’t waste, don’t haste just embrace life at your pace. Eat well, eat moderately and considerately. Exercise regularly but enjoy what you do rather than be compelled to do something. Seek inspiration like me and use it like fuel to ignite your internal chambers to work efficiently and profitably. This is the value of life from dawn to dusk and onto the frontiers of space and time. Move like the wind grasping knowledge as you pass by. Become drenched like rainwater and immerse yourself in the true value of your life. Let the Sun penetrate your desire and your passion to turn negativity into positivity. To a wonderful and happy life I wish you well.

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