Tuesday, 2 September 2014

‘The side-effects of Health and Wealth’

Quote of the day
 ‘The side effects of Health and Wealth run synonymously together giving off the same side effects that ultimately lead to your failure.’

The two words that have an adverse effect on our lives are Health and Wealth. Without Good Health we cannot have Wealth, and without Wealth we cannot have Good Health. Health is about our overall fitness. It is about getting into shape and remaining in shape every day. Our Health is our strength and stands as a hallmark of pillars of strength and vigour.  It is our well-being on planet Earth. It is responsible for our happiness, our welfare and our comfort. Our Happiness is our daily cheerfulness, it is something that makes us joyful and blissful. It is a feeling that we need each and every single day of our lives. A Good Health is our welfare cultivating into our general interests and our safety. Our Well Being is our good fortune. It is our fortuity and we can see this level of comfort throughout our lives. It will be either good or bad but our objective is to ensure that it is good all the time. Good Health in a person pertains to all bodily functions. Our organs need to function perfectly each day and they need to beat coherently throughout their lifetime. Our cells need to regenerate too and in the right way. Without good health we simply cannot attain a level of Wealth to sustain our daily needs and to provide long-term security. Our wealth could be measured in assets pertaining to worldly goods acquired over a period of time through inheritance or by employment. Our prosperity is derived from our health for without which we simply would not have the correct framework to manufacture wealth. The world has gone commerce for a long time now and we will never return to the same culture that we had way back in The Garden of Eden. To survive we need happiness and success or simply Health and Wealth.

How would you know that you have a deficit in your Wealth or in your Health? What symptoms should you look for before starting to worry? Can you reverse the side effects of Health and Wealth? Can you reach the pinnacle of Success, on the one hand to have perfect Health and on the other hand perfect Wealth? I think that it is a vital necessity to have a palm of good health and a palm of good wealth that coexist together in the material world. You cannot hold out your one hand and say I am happy because I am in good health, hiding the obvious other hand which spells poverty. Conversely, you cannot hold out your hand that holds infinite sums of money and hide the other hand that is frail and unhealthy. You need both hands to clap together to create the merriment of happiness and prosperity. Hold out your hands right away. Let them face you. Call the left hand Wealth and the right hand Health. Speak honestly to yourself and answer the following questions.

·         Am I healthy?
·         Am I wealthy

You do not have to ask the questions because you probably know the answers already because the symptoms are there. Do any of the following symptoms appear in the palm of your hands, if so are you willing to make a change?

The Left Hand
The Right Hand
Constant Migraines
In Arrears
Skin Irritations
Financial Worries
Irregular Bowel Movements
Lack of funds or fluctuating funds
High Interest Rates
Organ Failure

Dear Friends, it is essential to highlight the anomalies in your health and in your wealth. These are reversible circumstances and with a concerted effect can bring you back to the top of fertility. It is at the summit of fertility that you will find your riches, your overall productiveness and your opulence. This is my job, to nudge you daily to do better and to recognise your anomalies. It is your job to take action once inspired. Watch the one hand over the other, do this daily. Hold both hands tight in every situation that you are in. Exercise Caution – Eat less, Exercise more.

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