Monday 29 September 2014

‘Tension in the air’
Quote of the day
‘Tension floats in the air weighted by its pressure ready to fall like rain upon you creating floods of worries, anxiety and stress the world over. Now it is time to open your umbrella and like Cinderella change your life into one that is eased, pleased and relieved.’
Tension is like the rain, it falls upon you and drenches your progress with extensive pressure when you least expect it to. Tension makes you rigid exhibiting stiffness in your body and stiffness in your actions. Tension puts strain on your thought processes. It drains you of your inspiration to do well. On one end you are being inspired and on the other end you are being uninspired. Tension is the converse of relaxation. Let us look at the word relaxation in greater detail. Relaxation is the lessening effect of tension. Relaxation fires you up to do well. This is why I always encourage you to share wholeheartedly your weekends in complete relaxation, you earned it now go out there and enjoy it. Relaxation is also about moderation. You need to slow down the rapid spur of your working week daily chores. Your body and your mind needs that pampering, it needs that boost to revive and survive. Relaxation helps. Relaxation can also be boosted by meditation. Meditation is actually holy medication. Meditation takes you on a spiritual journey, allowing you to contemplate what to do and what you can do. It makes you reflect on what you have already done and how to improve your performance. Meditation is also about acknowledging your soul as your source of eternal life. This is indeed an article on its own but it is an essential part of relaxation. Relaxation is also about self-analysis. I find that self-analysis is the most important aspect of my endeavours. Self-analysis for me makes me understand my needs and does not involve the feelings of others therefore my goals are truly mine and will always be altruistic. Going back to life tensions we need to overcome it by relaxation. I want you to carry this philosophy into October because the theme in October is that it shall be all ‘Over in October’. It shall be the end of your tension days where hectic meets eclectic. November will be less tense and December without tense. Hopefully by the end of December by self-analysis you shall spawn the perfect goals to liberate you 2015. Perfect Goals or as I always state Golden Goals prompts the perfect lifestyle bespoke to your needs. It makes you lead the ideal life, without tension and certainly filled with attention. Without Tension your life will be elevated into a new dimension, free from apprehension, grasping the rudiments of life with full comprehension and living a life that is sublime with contention. Dear Friends, work with me to make your life special. I am here to help. Read each article every single day and print off the ones pertinent to your needs. Download your free eBooks and newsletters and create a blueprint that will help you lead a life that is prosperous and wonderful. I write a Quote a day just for you prepared like a full English breakfast for you to ingest, digest and become less stressed or less tensed. Purchase The Modern Day Trilogy to help you find the right branch in your daily growth to financial freedom. Eat well and do well in all aspects of your earthly life. This is the ideal roadmap to 2015. Take good care and have a great day.

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