Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Parabolic Cycle of Life
Quote of the day
Life for all takes a parabolic cycle from birth to death and lasts for 100 years. At its peak around 50 years there is achievement, gratification and elevation. In the years preceding this there is rapid growth, absorption and manifestation. After 50 years we need to slow down and start rebuilding vigour, vitality and valour.’
Dear Friends, little do we realise how important our life really is. Like a new car at birth we are pure, sedate and lovable. As we get older like a used car our life ahead of us is dependent on our upbringing, our circumstances and our nutrition. Graded grains may make the finer flour but aided brains certainly makes the finer individual, the ultimate power to rule. If observed carefully we will see that our cycle from birth to infancy, then onto childhood followed by adolescence, and then adulthood and finally old age takes a parabolic shape. With reference to the enclosed picture in this article we will see that the rapid growth stages start at gestation and continues this way until we reach midlife at 50. It is after 50 that we need to start taking care of ourselves. We need to ensure that our sight is bright, our hair is fair, our organs are our greatest fortunes and that our skin gleams from chin to shin. This is the parabolic life cycle of a human being. To have no pimples is quite simple. To have a perfect body will earn you respect. To have a shoddy body will lose you respect. To be able to walk freely and to talk freely are pre-empts for a meritocratic individual. Having these qualities is one thing but to sustain it is another. Sustainment always follows maintenance. Maintain your pedigree and you shall sustain a life of sheer brilliance. As we grow rapidly we achieve great things, little things and big things. For these things no matter how big or small we must show sincere gratification. A person that shows gratification gains elevation. His or Her elevation is recognised and admired by all. Others see this and they follow accordingly because what they see in the 1st 50 years of life of a successful person is good. After we pass 50 we need to slow down. We need vigour to exercise heartiness in cheer and in spirit. We worked hard for the 1st 50 years of our lives, we laid the foundation for the next 50 years so now is the time to slow down. Vigour is your energy to get going in the next half a century, Vitality is your strength. You must have strength for it is your forte, your most valuable asset in your remaining years on heart. Valour is your courage to meet the new generation. It is your ability to cope and the ability to have hope. You need to be the hero amongst heroes setting standards that helps the new generation to continue.

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