Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Baker’s Dozen
Today’s Quote
‘I shall always follow a set of instructions that gives proven results timelessly.’
Success for successful people is not confined to a small minority but for the majority. Success is not rocket science but pocket compliance. We all think that we are made to live in poverty and to serve the rich endlessly. We are all human beings destined to live equally but differ in the way we want to live. To achieve this or rather to become successful is not rocket science but rather pocket compliance. Rocket Science is complexity alchemising from imagination to fascination. It takes the elements and marvels of Engineering into reality and brings forth space travel, space exploration, space station, satellites and efficient engines. Success on the other hand is simplicity and instructions to become successful can be recorded in a pocket book and if compliant can lead to a life of comfort and longevity. The question is how we can become successful. It is simple. It is pocket compliance. All you need to do is follow a set of instructions that has previously worked. There is one word in the Bakers Dozen that makes it different to The Entrepreneurial Dozen and that word is ALWAYS.
ALWAYS stands for Always Learn Whilst Achieving Your Success
Many of you go about your day without abiding by simple instructions. We drive over the speed limit. We don’t wait in queues. We always argue. We don’t love each other? We try to challenge rather than understand. Some of us do not believe in GOD or believe that GOD exists. We go to war. We abuse our natural resources. We waste. We do not save. We are constantly procrastinating. Successful people do not exceed the speed limit, they wait their turn, they do not argue, they love each other and everything that they see, they do not challenge and always learn to understand, they believe sincerely in Almighty GOD, they are peaceful, they do not abuse their natural resources and they certainly do not waste. Successful people always save and get the job done.
They Always Learn Whilst Achieving Their Success
They believe in the Bakers Dozen. They follow instructions that worked laid down previously by their ancestors. They may modify or tweak instructions to suit their circumstances but abide by the rules. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you want to become successful you need to:
Always Learn Whilst Achieving Your Success
Knowledge is out there waiting to be absorbed by your individual needs. Love your life, live to love and love to live. Always live to be successful, always learn each day about new ideas, new habits and new ideologies. It is never too late to learn. There is no harm learning even when you are 100 years of age. The concept of living is to learn, learning to be successful and succeeding to live.

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