Friday 5 September 2014

Let your glow flow from Generation to Generation

Quote of the day

‘You need to set the standards for the future by uniting all family members irrespective of age or gender into a uniform glow. It must be a glow that will flow and show the world that you’ll are united and will grow in spirit from generation to generation.’

When a candle burns perched on the sill there is a glow that radiates visibility as far as the eye can see. It brings light into darkness and takes away the fear of not knowing what is around you or even above you. Light is gracefulness, it is elegance and it is dainty. It makes glory behold. It transforms fear into splendour and it moves doubts into wonder. Light is a visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Light makes life more incredible and more challenging, even a blind person can see with the vivacity of light. Light is radiance and travels in defined pockets holding images of the past, the present and the future. A day begins a life cycle of new events for you and when you rest at the end of your shift light is brought through the miracles of The Universe. Edison might have discovered light in an artificial sense but knew well in advance that it was already there waiting to be extracted from The Universe. Today Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I want you to take cognisant of light and the magnificent of what you see. I want you to etch into the realm of existence, your existence in true and glorious colour. We spoke about the refinements of individual attention but now I want you to practise it on a daily routine filling the agenda of your day with clusters of tiny reminders to make you glow like never before. I want you to go the extra mile and to invite every family member at home or away from home to join you on a journey of magnificence, splendour and grandeur. I want you to tell them about your commitment to make a change for the common good and to link each other in a support programme that monitors their progress and provides helps when something goes wrong. It is September already and I want you to be like ember in September. I want you to keep your spirits high but also to ignite the spirits in others too. This would be your good deed for the day and for the rest of your life. Engaging with others especially family and friends makes your goals a lot easier. Learn to understand each other’s needs as much as you need to identify your own needs. Have a wonderful 48 hour rest and do the things that you want to do where there are no limits and no restrictions. Start Monday with a big bang and make tidal waves in front of you sweeping away all your adversaries and conquering each aspect of your daily agenda. With love from your Universal Friend for life, Anthony.

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