Friday, 12 September 2014

‘Your Future as written by you’

Quote of the day

‘I write to inspire but also write to be inspired. I write to clarify and verify but certainly not terrify. I am inspired each day to predict my life in the remaining years of my existence on planet Earth. You could call me a Futurologist if you prefer but I prefer to anticipate my next move so that it remains the best move, free from harm and not to cause harm.’

What the future holds for you lies entirely in what is written in your heart. Your heart is the core of your existence beating rhythmically according to your mellow or perhaps your bellow. You can feel your heartbeat at times when you bellow and you could hear the silence of your heartbeat when you are mellow. The brain communicates through a network of nerves and neurons throughout your body sending signals of intent or response. The heart communicates through a system of vessels and capillaries feeding life to make history in a world filled with History. History is written right in front of you etched into the almanac of time every second that passes you. What did you do in the last second? What did you do in the last minute? What did you do in the last hour? History is recording your contributions good or bad and gives you a pictorial view of the result right in front of your eyes. Dear Friends, of whom you shall always be I want to tell you how important your life is. Your life as a priceless asset and unlike an expensive car that depreciates by the day or a house that would need restoring your life is an infinite source of energy that travels across galaxies in each life cycle to making new history and eradicating old habits and forming a friendly platform for others to share, care and to be constantly fair. Travelling forward in time ensures that you go according to plan. Travelling forward in time makes you prepared for adversaries and for sudden setbacks. Being a time traveller is simple, you just need a moment of solitude and cockpit of futuristic dials and buttons to press and monitor. You need to travel to the end of your destination on Earth and to travel in time to the next year when you are a year older. You need to see what needs to be done and what has already being done. You need to carry in your cockpit a series of unselfish goals that you have collected over time that you want to accomplish and fulfil. Your work period is 5 days and you are rewarded each week with 48 hours of pure relaxation and rest. What more can you ask for? Throw in several holidays per year, a good home, a steady job, a happy family, several hobbies, an annual concert and several visits to the theatre and you have the makings of a celebrity on Earth, living to enjoy and enjoying to live. Are your plans not taking off? Do you experience negative blockages on the way? Being a Time Traveller makes you envisage how your life would become if you took immediate stance from today. You know your weaknesses, now layout a strong agenda to make weakness banish. Need help, I am here. Drop me a line and if I can offer assistance I will. Open new doors of opportunities and close the ones that troubled you for so long. Now with the cockpit of your craft showing 1st of January 2015, what do you see through the aperture of your cockpit? Do you see the new you or the older you? This is where you need affirmation. You need to affirm that you will assert yourself each day and like I said I am here to help. I certainly will inspire you from day to day but if you need that extra bit of nudge then drop me a line and perhaps a weekly newsletter tailored just for you is what is needed, like a map. My personal email address is

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