Friday, 19 September 2014

‘A World enticed in Individual Problems’

Quote of the day

‘Individual Problems collectively brings the evilness of planet Earth into the openness. It tells a tale of personal trials and tribulations, it portrays a picture of struggles and troubles and it highlights difficulties from young to old and from vocation to vocation.’

The world is riddled with problems, some insignificantly small and some gigantically huge. We all have problems, we all live with it and some of us perish by it. I want to assure you today that to every problem there is a solution, a solution bespoke to your needs that will alleviate you to a better lifestyle and a better world. Every situation in life has its constant glitches. The train gets late due to some form of glitch, subsequently you become late and as a result your whole day follows suit. There are pronounced difficulties in all levels of life and each difficulty is associated with its own complications. Problems generate worries and worries creates doubts, qualms and uncertainties. There are the usual snags and hitches that we have grown to become immune to. These creates obstacles in life, hurdles for us to jump over and the hold-ups that obstructs our channel of thoughts. There are also teething problems that rakes up a sweat or become a nuisance in our day or make us exert ourselves in unknown circumstances. There is evilness in problems too creating illness on a short, medium or long term basis. Evilness brings harm, damaging harm that may result in unexpected death. The iniquities of evil is written across the globe in distinct trademarks that makes headlines all day and all night. Why such an intense article on a Friday night. Oops! Sorry, it is all about getting real. It is about understanding pain in actual and authentic descriptive words that makes you aware and prepared. Awareness augments the reality of your situation, it makes it tangible and makes you wonder, can I do something about it. Preparation is the mandatory plan to get out of a problematic situation. Some problems take longer admittedly whilst small problems can be eradicated overnight. If I was to write down all the problems that I faced from a young boy I would need more than an article to complete it. Exposure to these problems made me aware and prepared for the future. I am certainly not rid of all my problems because I am indeed aware that some problems do take time. Bereavement can be everlasting but forming a spiritual relationship with a lost one helps. Financial difficulties are quite entrapping but Financial Management can overcome your dilemma quite easily. Illness holds different thresholds of pain and endurance but illness can be eradicated with medication, consolation and consecration. Abuse either physical or mental can be overcome with collaboration, substantiation and litigation. I want to assure you that Universally Friendly is also here to help. As a body of knowledge and experiences Universally Friendly creates a solid platform for you to walk on and lead to a path of righteousness and a life of blissfulness. There is a bespoke solution for you. I am here to help for I have faced problems of all kinds in all domains of life’s challenges. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Take care and have a smashing weekend.

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