Wednesday, 10 September 2014

‘Less Stressed and more Blessed’

Quote of the day
‘To be less stressed and more blessed is likened to a meritocratic individual that only settles for being the best amongst the rest, with the zest to maintain maximum output and the quest to live life to the fullest.’

Stress holds a constant stigma in all our lives, lessening our lives and agitating our thought processes. Stress brings home the sullenness of a long day’s work. Stress brings home the anxiety felt at school over peer pressure and playground discourse. Stress is trauma as a result of witnessing an ordeal or experiencing one. Stress is about worries and the usual torment that worries brings with it from domestic issues to the catapulted form of financial migraines. Stress is pressure, pressure to cope with the complexities of life dusted upon us from dusk to dawn. Stress reduces lifespans and creates a very morbid outlook to what tomorrow holds. Stress makes you nervous and nervousness is certainly a medium that makes you constantly err in whatever you do in life as an individual or collectively as a partnership. The converse of stress which a meritocratic goal setter strives to have is the cheerful feeling of living to live. To breathe the goodness of life and to exhale the unwontedness of life. Less stressed is often expressed as an individual that leads a blessed life. He or she awakes knowing they have the blessings of our Heavenly Father, they believe that the anointing of such a blessing upon us is an internal and external protective shroud for them to maximise their potential each day. With an armour of sanctification and consecration they live life to its fullest. They know well in advance of the dangers of life for history shines a clear beacon of human fallacies and destruction. They live in anticipation of the worst and live in the climax of being the best in their chosen fields. They don’t seek to compete but rather work to get their jobs done. They understand their human responsibilities and they abide by the challenges needed to achieve accomplishment and fulfilment each working week of their working lives. Meritocratic Goal Setters don’t stop at retirement but resume a more charismatic lifestyle and a less melancholy portfolio showing their heeded talent to the most needed people. They know well about errors in life that people make and of the errors that they made and look maturely to override these fallacies that seem to stick with us for some unknown reasons. Maturity leads to security for the younger generation to follow and maturity helps to set moral standards for others of all ages to follow. This mentality leads to maximum output on a daily basis and the quest to live life to the fullest. I say onto you live a life that is stress-free and carry with you a shower of blessings from our Heavenly Father. This anointing usually attaches itself to you after early morning Prayers. Prayers illustrates your love for life and your love for the Giver of life. Be less stressed and more blessed from today until the end of time.

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