Monday, 8 September 2014

Mind, Body and Spirit

Quote of the day
‘To function coherently you need to understand the basic principles of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. Infusing these three principles of life will maketh your day profitable, enjoyable and manageable.’

Little do we realise how incredible life really is. Although we openly exercise living our life to the best of our ability when things go a bit haywire we forget that we have the built in mechanism to overcome setbacks and trauma. The world holds a morbid picture of setbacks and trauma not restricted to one country or town but scattered throughout all living occupancy on the face of the Earth. We all have an agenda irrespective of our age. Our objective in life is to make our day work for us but rivalry is always there waiting like the Sun along the horizon to snare us, to swear at us, to compare us through competiveness, to impair our thoughts, to make us live in despair and to openly declare insolvency on us when we fail. This is not life but a life of bullying. It is very much like being at school, weakened to the core and belittled in the corridor. Dear Friends I want you to learn to believe in yourself, to believe in the concept of your life and to understand your Mind, Body and Soul to help gain victory over all your adversaries. Your mind is there to assist you in becoming aware, to help you to concentrate and to take cognisance over changes in front of you. Your mind helps you to think and to get an overview of what has to be done and what needs to be done. We are all living boffins, society does not want us to believe that and makes us live in coffins instead. As boffins we have choices in life, our choices must be our own in order to succeed. Your mind is your mentality, developing your passion for life, gracing you with character and an ultimate personality that makes you unique. Your body is your framework, a physique that occupies space of which we spoke about in yesterday’s article. You are the command officer of your body and how your body feels or looks pertains to how your mind is functioning. Good thoughts, good deeds, altruistic ways and a passion and desire to live augments a constant inspiration and motivation to look after your body. It is that relentless passion to create a firm skin tone without blemishes, a strong framework nutritionally fortified with the correct ingredients and a firm bone structure conditioned with regular exercise. Already you are aware of two aspects of three concepts to life. The 3rd is the Soul. The Soul is your spirit residing in your heart and resonates throughout your body giving you life and the reasons to live it. Your soul resonates a frequency that is in-tuned with the heavens above and is the channel for prayer and for communion with our Heavenly Father. Your Soul is your third eye and makes observations that influences the mind.

To maketh your day and to accomplish your tasks in a world that constantly offer setbacks and trauma you need to infuse all three elements of your life and make them work together. Look at your body and see what needs to be done in order to acquire the perfect physique for the perfect task. This is not an overnight magical condition but a trying principle of endurance and stamina ignited by the mind and the soul. Your mind can be opened like a book because how you feel at the precise moment is emanating from your mind. If you constantly live with anger, bitterness and regrets than your mind creates visions pertaining to this and aggravates your day and creates the dismal feeling that is so common to us all. You need to change this and input feelings of positivity, you need to establish goals that will work for you and to change the bleak surroundings that you occupy into a friendlier one. Your soul is your eternal guidance linked to the Angels that hover over us trying to communicate to you in a language that you need to understand. Infusion is a combination of the 3 powerhouses within you to convert a dismal feeling into brightness and cheeriness. You need to start off with your mind and clear the worst fears that you have by inscribing new assertive words that gives you courage and power to move on. Similarly you need to work your body daily into forceful assertions starting off slow with gentle walking up and down the driveway to ultimate rallies of peak walking, cycling or intense jogging. You need to raise the barrier on your expectancies. From this cometh your personal gateway to your soul where infusion becomes profusion and now any challenge ahead of you will be a lot easier. Are you willing to give it a try? I am.

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