Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Quote of the day

‘Time is a special occasion for us, a period of justification where each decade shows a significant change and a significant achievement. Time can be divisible into minute seconds or classified as years when we remember our existence through birthdays. Our overall achievements can be recorded as an epoch or an era.’

Time is our greatest asset but yet many will follow the road that paints opulence in dollars and cents. There are the overnight successors too that would willingly follow the trail of casinos, betting stores, lotto booths or sales gimmicks. There is no triumph with haste for haste consumes part of your life cycle into regretful memories. We are constantly learning during our 100 year life cycle but we also need to remember and learn from our mistakes. Mistakes can be costly and mistakes can take lives too. We cannot ignore what wrongs that occurred over the years or over the centuries.

There is good and bad in the world, there is good and bad in every country and in every nation that occupies it. There is good and bad in every city, big or small and there is good and bad in every corridor of every city. There is good and bad in every neighbourhood and regretfully in every home. There is good and bad in every family and there is good and bad in you too. In order to make time precious and notably valuable I say onto you and verily too that you need to reduce your enemies and maximise your friends.

Friendship is a cluster of valuable individuals and your aim in life is remain friends with all. It is a tall quest but certainly a vital request. With friends we can make every decade of our lives worthwhile. We can achieve all things big or small because we know that friends are like our pillars of strength. They can be supportive even though experience show that friends have always been the sore point in our lives. Experience will also show that good prevails over bad and when we use time to learn from our mistakes we can propel forward with a cluster of good deeds rather than damaged ones. Each decade in your life shows a physical change but there is the mental change too.  Mental images contains good experiences and bad experiences. In order to be productive in the years to come we need to learn from these experiences. We need to fortify our good deeds by making them noted and we need to show by example to those that often spoil our day let alone our decade.

Value your life but monitoring each second that passes you. What happened in the last second plays in pivotal role in what becomes of the next second? Your day contains 86,400 seconds, use it wisely like the wise men and women that made history worthwhile. Let your obituary read a great and worthy citizen that made a noted and valuable contribution. Your valedictory should portray a feeling to others that will want to follow a similar lifestyle that you led. Goodbye Dear Friends in another day and in another time zone, did I inspire you, if I did go out there in the emptiness of friendship and make a valid difference.

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