Thursday 11 September 2014

‘Pennies from Heaven’

Quote of the day
‘Less Stress equals more Success. Stress takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to pine. Success takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to be fine, full of shine and dripping like fine wine.’

There is only one stress and that is financial stress. Financial Stress or FSS or Financial Stress Syndrome is a real life disease epidemic designed to kill but to kill slowly. It is designed to lessen life and to destroy life’s true value. FSS lures people to borrow and then live to regret in full sorrow. Interest rates peak as high as 4000%APR in 1st world countries like the UK, I refer to these principles of lending as sacrilege and the Lenders should be disciplined. Are you employed? Are you happy? Do you live on the edge of the fence each day unsure of tomorrow? These are acute levels of FSS. FSS consumes your will to live and makes your life a shrill. There is only one antidote and that is knowledge. Knowledge is free. Knowledge is information, it is sacred and historic. From knowledge you receive awareness, understanding and realisation. Awareness makes you conscious of your current FSS. It makes you respond accordingly with a key plan and it makes you grasp the rudiments of life and how to live it. Understanding is your perception to life and your current dilemma. Perception makes you observant over fine details. Perception makes you keen and responsible. Perception gives you a better insight into the world of living successfully. Realisation makes you realise your status quo and outlines an agenda with a defined will to accomplish it and to fulfil it. Knowledge is vast and knowledge is a niche area too. Knowledge is like a vast library of information but a niche area listed alphabetically so you could make you search in specific areas of your quagmire. Be open right this very second, what is your FSS? Commit to paper, now you can see it, it is real, staring at you. You have looked into the microscope of your problems. You are face to face with your dilemma, the problem area of your life where you go to bed stressed and wake up the next morning even more stressed. In at least 99% of all your quagmires you will find that FSS stands out as your worst dilemma. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls money is the pallbearer of ALL evil. Stress is Evil. Stress manipulates human beings to empty lives and emptiness. Dear Friends you need knowledge. I received knowledge almost 20 years ago in a voluminous archive of data that dates back to the beginning of time. It was my personal revelation that changed my whole life around. Today I am wiser and certainly not a miser. I am a devotee with a spiritual Master’s degree. I am thee and not of them. I am a writer and certainly not a fighter. I am sparkling with enthusiasm and crackling with satisfaction from my actions. I am a mentor of my community centre for knowledge has given me all of this that money will never buy. If you are struggling to make ends meet I want to show you a way to start your business for as little as £15. Write to me at for further details and I shall send you a free information pack. Try it for 30 days and if you are dissatisfied I shall refund your money without fail. Knowledge makes you generate money unselfishly and drains away all your sorrows so that your tomorrows shall be without any further borrows.

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