Wednesday, 8 October 2014

‘Marriage for Eternity and Friendship for Posterity’

Quote of the day

‘To form an attachment to someone forms an alliance for life. In marriage we become committed for eternity. In friendship we become committed in posterity. This alliance is a sovereign pledge to unite one human being amongst 7 billion other human beings.’

It takes time to kindle friendship, to takes a second to break friendship but it takes eternity to realise friendship. Friendships have come and friendships have gone. Friendship has disappeared and friendship has reappeared. Friendship is young and Friendship is old. Friendship is far away and friendship is nearby. Friendship is wholesome and friendship can be lonesome. Friendship is a peacemaker and friendship can become a true mediator. Friendship has no boundaries, no colour, no creed, no religion, no culture and no barriers. Friendship can be binding as in marriage and friendship can also bring home disparage. Friendship is a unique bond between one human being and another. Friendship is a solemn pledge and remains a sacred Word amongst men and women to live in harmony and to be in harmony. Friendship is magnetic, it is energetic, it is poetic, it is genetic, it is sympathetic, it is aesthetic, it is empathetic and it regretfully can be frenetic. Genetically we harbour the code to make friends along our journey during our earthly life. We also have the defence coding to break friendship too. Lost friendship is often regretted. This is why I used the term frenetic. We need to model friendship in a mellow condition and let it prosper into amity. With friends you can live a life that is prosperous.  What you expect from friends is what they would expect from you. Honesty is good, modesty is better but dishonesty creates wars. Friendship holds the key to success. You can learn from friendship and you can earn using friends. If you are sincere than so are your friends. Friends come in different shapes and sizes, physically, mentally and accidentally. Don’t ridicule your friends by being funny. Don’t disclose a friendship’s comradeship. Don’t close a friendship’s partnerships either. Friendship is loyalty. It has no value but remains priceless. You cannot buy friendship because there is no value to friendship. Friends can provide support, escort, purport and are generally a good sport. Friendship is for the good of man or woman. Friendship is not sexiest, raciest, racist or lustiest. Friendship is love. Friendship is binding and reminding and friendship is about finding. A binding friendship is one that lasts forever. Friendship reminds us of our solemnness and of our holiness. Friendship helps us to find solutions to our problems and friendship dissolves debts, worries and anxieties. Friendship can make your day great and accomplished. With friends you are not alone. Start making friends at home, make your spouse your greatest friend, award your children with medallions of true friendship, get to know your neighbours by their first name and it never hurts to know their last names as well. Gather friends rather than blather about them. Dear Friends, as I write the last sentence to you I feel wonderful knowing that a friend is reading it and it is even more wonderful to know that our friendship can blossom into awe, unity and accomplishment. You are my friend and I shall always be your friend.

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