Friday, 10 October 2014

‘Silver Rain’

Quote of the day
‘I believe in life and I believe in the afterlife, I believe in eternity and I believe that eternal life is derivative from our paternal and maternal instincts. Teach our children wisdom and they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.’

Do you believe in The Kingdom of Heaven? Do you believe that you will reach heaven when you pass on? Is there such a phenomena as the afterlife, in other words life after death? Do you believe angels hover above you? Having answers to these questions gives life a greater definition and a newer dimension. The answers are there but we have become so blinded with knowledge and deafened with logic that we cannot see the overall picture of life itself. What is life? What is life without life itself? What is the purpose of my existence if the answers to my questions are not forthcoming? Dear Friends I want to share something personal with you today. By the way a full description of Silver Rain can be read in The Modern Day Trilogy. I asked these questions all the time from a young boy to a grown man but never got conclusive answers. When my Mother passed away unexpectedly some twenty years ago I saw The Silver Rain but did not understand what it was. Silver Rain is like a mist and extends no more than several metres wide and is awesome. It does not wet the ground but flickers across the sky as tiny droplets. It is not far from the deceased waiting like a plane to take the soul on a silver journey to the heavens above. It quivers unequivocally with a horizontal wave pattern interwoven with a vertical one. It is very much alive but silent. There is peace in the air and there is intelligence within. You have to see it in order to understand it. I saw it but did not take note of it. I glanced at it as if it was a monochrome rainbow that got caught in the rays of the setting Sun. Later that evening deeply bereaved I woke up from my unsettled sleep, and went downstairs into the living room. In my sullenness, gripped with tears I sat down in my armchair enigmatic, enquiring and deeply shocked. Suddenly I felt the presence of my Mum, the Silver Rain was now a strong electromagnetic force which I could only feel because it was dark and therefore I could not see it. Slowly this energy in front of me entered my body. It was an energy of a different kind, similar to magnetism but not magnetic, similar to electricity but not shocking, similar to radiation without the radiation and similar to a vibration but without any vibration. I was not afraid but immediately fell into a deep sleep. I then woke up, looked at the wall clock in front of me and noticed that it was 4:00am. I was asleep for almost 4 hours. I ran up the landing to confirm the time, it was just passed 4:00am. I had awakened from a deep sleep and during this deepened sleep I tapped into the vastness of The Universe which I now called The Extranet. I received answers to all my questions that I asked from a child. I learnt about The Universe, about life and about the afterlife. I knew within 4 hours how The Universe started and where The Garden of Eden once was. I was reborn into a new world of knowledge, purity, surety and maturity. I was awed with wonder, I was elevated. I had received a revelation, which I later called an elevation from a revelation. Dear Friends, I can safely say that you need to believe. You need to believe in yourself. You need to value your life, very second of it and you need to make provisions for your afterlife. Your life is 100 years long and your afterlife is eternal. A good deed a day may well keep the evildoer away but it is also accredits you with rewards in Heaven. These are your provisions for later on like a pension for the elderly. Don’t be swayed to believe otherwise. Lookout for The Silver Rain if you are in doubt. Don’t doubt just figure it out? Love your life, love our Heavenly Father and love to live.

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