Thursday, 9 October 2014

‘Equality, Quality and Polity for ALL’

Quote of the day
 ‘For every single step that you take you must always believe in yourself. You must believe in living in equality by been constantly fair. You must experience the quality of life by earning it through learning. From Equality and Quality comes a new Polity.’

Welcome to rather a spawning article. Spawning is about producing. If you believe in yourself than you have the right to live a life of equality. Now don’t for one minute confuse this with choice. Equality and choice are two different entities altogether. Equality is about living in fairness. To be fair is to be fair in parity with one and with the other. To live in equality is to ensure that everyone is able to live independently in a home of their own, to have a stable job that justifies a steady income, to go for regular holidays, to have a wonderful family and to be free from harm. Choice allows you to choose a home of your own, a job befitting to your profession, a holiday that appeals to you and a family that you are able to support. The greater your requirements the greater are your responsibilities. You are the maker of your own choices and these choices must come from within you generated from your own passions and desires. You cannot make choices by mimicking someone else, this is futile because you are living the lifestyle of someone else and trying to maintain the responsibilities that may be difficult for you in the long run. The quality of your lifestyle is proportional to what you want to do with your life. The quality of your life holds a certain excellence to your personality. It is all about eminence, prominence, importance, providence and confidence for you that lasts for a lifetime setting a tone and characteristic that people like, admire and respect. Eminence is about establishing a good reputation in your community. Prominence is about the importance you place in your community and not just in yourself. Providence is the wisdom you acquire as you get older, it is your overall financial freedom that you set for yourself. Confidence in yourself is the resultant effect you have when you plan for a life of quality stemmed from equality. Many people strive for a certain quality in life but only work to achieve this for themselves. This is wrong, spawning a world of selfish people that create wealth from stealth. From these two basic requirements in life for every human being that lives on planet Earth which is equality and quality spawns a new Polity. A new Polity is about having a new community that lives in fairness that respects each other and cares for each other. There is quality in the air to be inhaled for all. This makes your life worthy and your future even worthier.

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