Saturday 1 November 2014

Remember in November

Quote of the month

‘November is a time to remember. It is a time to remember the good old days and it is time to be a member of the good days to come. It is time to prepare for December and it is time to make something out of nothing.’

November holds the key to tomorrow’s success. November is the 11 month in the year and a month that precedes Christmas. To make December joyous and festive we need to use November to remember the past. Our past holds our history of our life on Earth. Some of it we may want to forget but most of it we will want to keep on file. Our history is a learning cycle and it is from this cycle we can engage in becoming better human beings than before. From this edification process comes the reasoning between right and wrong. Right is the veracious and moral process of conducting work no matter how little or big in a manner that is gratifying and satisfying. Wrong is the erroneous and immoral process of conducting work no matter how big or small in a manner that is always displeasing and disappointing. Learning and enhancing this concept helps us to make our future days on earth more pleasing and fulfilling. Any problem that you face from now on you need to rewind to a segment in your life that you have experienced before.  Watch the playback in your mind and see how you resolved or tried to resolve it. What were the mistakes you previously made? You have to try to remember in November. You have to learn from the past in order to improve the future. If you want to create resolutions than playback a segment in your life where similar resolution were formed. What went wrong? What prompted you to create these resolutions? Dear Friends we need to Remember in November. We need to remember in December too. Using this concept will help you to formulate realistic goals and it will also help you to fulfil. May I also welcome you to the Countdown Series which starts today.

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