Tuesday 25 November 2014

Knowledge is the greatest source of Energy

‘Knowledge is the greatest source of Energy’
Quote of the day
‘Without knowledge there is no logic. Knowledge is wisdom and logic is reasoning. Wisdom comes from learning passed down from our peers, our ancestors and our parents. Logic comes from us giving the right judgement to make at the right time.’

Knowledge is actually very old and sometimes relatively new. How old would you say knowledge really is? Would you say that knowledge is as old as we sought it? If so, then how old is knowledge? Would you that knowledge dates back to The Garden of Eden when Adam spoke to GOD in the Adamaic Covenant? Would you say knowledge is relatively young, about 150 years old or so? Knowledge is not just about wisdom, realisation, understanding, information or skills, knowledge is a vibrant source of energy whose frequency is relatively unknown, whose source is not known or seen and whose expansion is unclear. A person that learns to become knowledgeable may find his or her skills relatively new. Through experience they may become adept in their chosen fields and maybe classified as an expert in say Medicine, Astronomy, Agriculture of The Arts. This expertise may then be passed on to others lower in the ladder who then become aware, familiar, understanding and experienced. If I told you that tomorrow you shall gain new knowledge that would change your entire concept of life and that you will reach the pinnacle of your success in a given timeframe, what would you do or how would you react? This knowledge which is very old suddenly becomes new because if you knew about it you would not be reading this article but getting on with the joys of being successful. Why do so many people fall into an open pit of failure, stress and anxiety? Why do some people gain all the financial freedom that sets them apart form the rest? There are five forms of knowledge and that is:

·         No knowledge
·         New Knowledge
·         Old Knowledge
·         True Knowledge
·         Vague Knowledge

If someone such as your child asked you a question about the atom and because you learnt about the atom at school your subconscious mind brings out an answer that maybe accurate enough or a vague answer that may offer some form of understanding. You could be in a position to say I don’t know. You could look up the information and gain new knowledge. You could be an expert in the field and provide an accurate answer but commonly we all blurt out vague answers. In our rigorous road to success we need to seek True Knowledge direct from the source and implement for our use on a daily basis, just like our forefather in Adam who always sought true knowledge to cope with his life in a new environment. Knowledge is energy because you can feel it and can be touched by it. Energy is dynamism, vigour and vim to get you out of the dim, din and grim lifestyle that you may be experiencing. Life is about living and only with true knowledge can you energise yourself to reach the happiness that you so deserve. Surely this is the logical way forward. Get knowledge and then use it to make a logical step forward.

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