Tuesday 18 November 2014

‘Ground Rules to get Started’
Quote of the day
‘Preparation is a lengthy program that formulates a tedious training schedule to enable you to plan for your goals. This program arranges ground rules that are as essential as air to make our goals achievable.’

Dear Friends how can you possibly erect a home on loose sand or on a hilltop where there is no protection? How can you secure confidence in yourself or with others close to you if you have no faith? How can you make money without actually working for it? How do you get started? Where do you begin from and when do you set forth on a rigorous journey that can have its ups or downs to reach your very own pinnacle of success. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it all starts with a solid foundation where the research and the groundwork preceded it. This foundation solid as a rock and penetrating as a root shall anchor you firmly to your dreams and when the distractions come your way or one of the many disengagements in life you shall not be moved. You shall stand still, unperturbed by side issues and brave at the sight of negativity. To reach this level of confidence and bravery you need to adhere to ground rules. You need to start your day in prayer irrespective of your Religion and you need to pray sincerely. You need to end your day with gratitude expressing your thankfulness for your safe return home and for your tumultuous achievement during the day. The use of the word tumultuous in this instance implies uninhibited, joyous and without restraint. You also need to focus on performing good deeds during the sandwich of your day. Do not expect to receive rewards for the good that you do but feel good just by doing it. Do these things in a sincere way and already your foundation shall strengthen in a way that builds confidence in you. You need to adhere to this program of sincerity in order for your goals to materialise. Your tenacity must be as long as your goals. Keep the trenches of your imagination deep and fill them when ready with solidness from the word go. Do this from tomorrow. Pray, work and Pray. Pray, work and Pray. Keep this harmonising cliché at the tip of your tongue and constantly repeat it in order to remind you of your ground rules.

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