Tuesday 4 November 2014

‘Unwind, rewind and be aligned.’

Quote of the day

‘Unwinding follows a lengthy day at work. We calm down, we slow down and we chill out. It is also a moment to rewind and playback some of life’s dullest moments. From these moments of entanglement comes alignment so that tomorrow shall be a better day.’

Every day brings forth its unforeseen melancholies and desolations. Unwinding at the end of the day makes us stronger. It gives us the relaxation that we need, to loosen up, to get out of the tight apparel that constrains us for the day and to uncoil like the stress and strain of a wound up spring. A heavy day at work brings home disaster. If not dealt with immediately you shall remain agitated for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow shall be bleak because you remained weak. You need to unwind the minute you step indoors. You need pacification. You need to soothe your nerves by remaining calm and not resorting to agitation. One of the key ways to do this is to rewind. You need to rewind to segments in your life where you sought peace and found it. You need to rewind to segments in your life where you sought comfort and felt it. The two processes of Unwinding and Rewinding are like to atoms ready to merge to form a molecule. When you feel serene you are at peace with your heart, with your soul and with your mind. This is what I call alignment. Alignment is about arranging your life so that it returns to normal. With alignment you can place, configure or position your next move. Without alignment you shall start tomorrow with the same bitter memories of yesterday. The result is a replica of yesterday, compounding to a more stressed evening tomorrow. Friends, unwind, rewind and align the minute you walk into your home. Give love generously, give assistance unequivocally, give acknowledgement consistently and make the evening as important as the day. Don’t be brutal at home. Don’t give what you received during the day. Give the opposite instead. Give love instead of hate. Give peace instead of anger. Give attention instead of neglect. Give help instead of hindrance and give support instead of abandonment. Do these things first before you muster up your resolutions for the New Year.

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