Wednesday 19 November 2014

‘Your mind is as colossal as an Iceberg’
Quote of the day
‘Your mind is as colossal as an iceberg floating with time and manifesting into the being that you are. Your mind is as complex as it appears floating above water with what the world can see and floating below water with what the world cannot see.’

Your mind is the vibrant source of your body likened to a Hard Disc Drive, able to store memories, capable of planning, dreaming, creating, enduring and relaxing. The mind is the giver and the body delivers. Without the mind the body is redundant. Without the body the mind is virtual. The mind can also be visualised as an Iceberg floating in the sea of existence. The visible part of the mind is like the tip of the iceberg. To the world, to the angels, to the birds and the bees the mind brings out our personality, our originality, our nationality but it can also hide our brutality, our immorality and our conditionality. You see what the mind is thinking lies only with the thinker. Like the iceberg what is below the water is what we cannot see. I say onto you always be like the iceberg, colossal, transparent and gradual. To put it another context always think big, be blatant and don’t rush into anything. Think good things and feel exalted to do well onto others. Don’t hide behind a canopy and pretend to be nice or you may end up paying a very high price. Keep the cards to your chest, trust no one but our Heavenly Father who can read all your thoughts both good and bad. Your mind, the brain of your powerhouse needs to be stress-free, carefree and free at all times. Pressure on the mind, is pressure on your time. Strain on the brain is a drain on your campaign to succeed. Tension on your mind makes you blind in your judgement, behind in your daily grind and liable to be fined. A mind that worries will always be sorry. A carefree mind is always untroubled, cheerful, relaxed and light-hearted. This is the proprietary of a successful person. A mind that is free is a mind that will always be like a tree, absorbing, manufacturing and harbouring the goodness of life. Dear Friends, if you want to succeed in 2015 you need to clear the cobwebs of hostility in your mind and you need to be at peace. A stressed mind will always be a depressed mind. You will always procrastinate and delve in irrelevant matters. A stressed mind is an oppressed and suppressed mind. You need to build on a stress-free, carefree and free mind in order to find your happiness. It takes time perhaps but what is time if we cannot use our own time profitably. 

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