Monday 3 November 2014

‘I attract, I extract, I interact, I react and I make a firm impact.’

Quote of the day
‘To implement strategy I need to attract what I need first. Once identified I can then extract the raw materials from The Universe, interact unselfishly with others and react in a way that has a great impact on our future.’

Dear Friends there is no plan until a need has first been identified. With a need derived possibly from penury, destitution, ill-health or lack of wealth or even basic necessities you can start building a desire or passion to fill that need or void in your life. It is important to know what your need really is before you can understand what it takes to overcome that need. It is often easy to ask for many things in life not knowing exactly what you want. Ultimately you will have a cluster of unwanted items at home, in your shed and in your mind. The Art of Attracting is to actuate your real needs derived primarily from voids in your life. Attracting what other people have is futile because it is not really your need and therefore you are attracting something that cannot fill a space or a void in your life. This is why I started The Countdown Series almost three years ago, helping Friends from all over the world to select suitable goals for suitable lifestyles. Warren Buffet may well have accrued funds using The Stock Market but it does not necessarily mean that you have to follow his achievements. Your goals are your goals classified as golden ones. Once identified you then need to extract from The Universe the raw materials to construct your dreams brick by brick to form the structural content of your goals. Raw materials are in abundance. Finding them can be tricky, but don’t despair we shall look at this later on in the series. The next thing to do is to interact with people altruistically whom play key roles in your overall success. Without people we can become alone, however we need also to be weary of some people that may disillusion us with weak promises. Interaction is teamwork. Team Members could be as little as two or as much as 7 billion. This relationship makes your New Year’s Resolutions more realistic and approachable. From all these efforts based on your seriousness comes a reaction. This reaction can be defined as your agility, ability, capability and determination to get the job done thoroughly and systematically. In conclusion your goals will ultimately have a huge impact in your life and in the lives of other people and this is what makes 2015 so exciting. We will expand on all of these attributes so do keep a watchful eye for useful tips and validations to make your Resolutions work.

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