Thursday 6 November 2014

‘3 Diets that Work’

Quote of the day

‘Being poor in health reduces your chance to enrich your wealth. Being lethargic in mind reduces your ability to be refined. Without a good body and a solid mind your success will be shoddy and unrefined.’

One of the key features to our overall success is the atonement on a regular basis of our body and our mind. Like a car our body requires a constant service. It needs to be topped up with the correct nutrients and it needs to be handled with extreme care. Most of us ignore this and live life focused on how we will survive in the world of commerce. Little do we realise how important it really is to have a mind and a body to cope with the constraints of The Financial World. When I noticed that my body needed that special care or when I noticed things that were abnormal in my life such as bloating, allergies, IBS or that lethargic feeling, I had to take action. Like a car that starts to stall or misfire or jerks or squeaks when you apply breaks we are feeling and seeing symptoms. Symptoms are clear indications. Symptoms are alarm warnings and we need to take heed. During the past 20 years I developed 3 Diets that worked for me. The following is a brief description of these diets and I shall expand on them later on in The Databank Times.

The 1st Diet that I developed was called ‘The GONE diet’ and I developed this diet when I turned 50. When I turned 50 I noticed that I developed allergies to certain foods such as nuts and eggs. The GONE diet was the elimination of 4 groups of food from my diet for a period of 40 days and 40 nights. GONE stands for the elimination of Gluten, Oils, Nuts and Eggs from my diet. I cannot express in words how wonderful I felt after 40 days and 40 nights.

The 2nd Diet is called the ‘No COPS Diet.’ I developed The No COPS diet when I neglected myself some time ago during the cold winter that we had experienced here in good old London Town. Again for 40 days and 40 nights I would eliminate or reduce the intake from my diet COPS. COPS stands for Carbohydrates, Oils, Pasta and Potatoes and Sugars. In conjunction with rudimentary exercising such as walking around the block and basic isometric moves I lost weight.

The 3rd Diet that I developed to suit my needs and my profession was called ‘The Potatorian Diet.’ Now this may sound ludicrous but it is amazing how nutritious a potato can be if cooked correctly and there is such an incredible variety of potatoes the world over. During this Diet my wife who is a celebrated Chef created 29 recipes using just potatoes as a theme. Potatoes contain a useful source of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fibre and it has virtually no fat. This was such an incredible DIET that I remained a Potatorian for almost 10 years.

Dear Friends you need to watch your DIET. You need to Dine Intelligently and Exercise Technically. Keep in touch and I shall provide you with many good recipes that are affordable and enjoyable. To your health I salute you, and to your wealth I applaud you.

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