Monday 10 November 2014

‘It is time to say Thank You’

Quote of the day
‘Kindness is such a benevolent tool that if received you show appreciation and gratitude. It is by far the greatest gift that you ever seek. It is worth more than gold, it fills that archives of your working or studious life with fortification and confidence.’

How many times do you say thank you? Do you end your day with Thanks to our Heavenly Father? Do you say Thank You to the Bus Driver that waited for you despite his strict timing schedule for his or her daily route? Did you thank the pedestrian that give you way or the Teller that attended to your needs? Thank You are two simple words that hold a profound meaning and intensifies wonderful feelings. These two potent words makes friends and reduces enemies. With friends you succeed. With enemies you recede. Friends are plentiful, you just need to identify them. They are usually kind, warm, and notably humane. They are Angels that we cannot see. They perform good deeds on our planet and make goodness a supportive category of their daily deeds. I want you to increase the use of these two potent words, Thank You. I want you to say it as many times as you can to enlighten your day and to lighten your evening. I want you to utter these two words with sincerity and with verbosity. The recipient must hear you. They must feel you and they must acknowledge you. This create harmony and continuity. This forms a strong chain and with strength you can climb the greatest peaks and swim the turbulent channel. Always use Thank You in your vocabulary and use it with sincerity.

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