Tuesday 11 November 2014

‘It is time to pull up your socks and start filling up your stockings.’

Quote of the day
‘Before you start filling up your stockings you need to start pulling up your socks. You need to embrace responsibilities without hostilities.’

Dear Friends why is that we never seem to be satisfied with the outcome. Is it because we do not do enough at the other of the scale called the input? You need to establish the above question on your own, independently, rationally and honestly. Can you say for certain that your performance yesterday was 100% filled with the passion and desire that came with the task. Did you perhaps give just 99% of your abilities or rather just 1%? What becomes of tomorrow is what we make of today. What becomes of the end of your working week is what we plan in advance by creating the blueprint of our agenda in black and white, chronologically and logically. No one enters into their diary or memo a workload that is not bespoke to their needs and abilities. Now that you wrote it is time for you to float it. What made yesterday, the start of your working week sad and unproductive? What made yesterday a very happy and productive week? The answer lies in your input. This is why I said at the onset please pull up your socks. Undertake a task that you know only you can accomplish. Don’t make Monday tedious. Make Monday studious instead. Pull up your socks before the start of a working week and see how you shall prosper. Do the same for New Year’s Resolutions. Consider Resolutions that only you can accomplish. Don’t fill the platter of hope with unrealistic Resolutions. Take on something only you know that you can realistically accomplish. Pull up those socks right away and fill those Christmas stockings with realistic resolutions. 

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