Saturday 15 November 2014

Quote of the day
‘Liberation can best be defined as a deliverance from captivity. It is freedom from the constraints that a working week offers and it is freedom from the imprisonment that life delivers.’

Liberation frees you from weekly constraints that make your pressure rise and gives you that constant migraine that travels across your forehead. Liberation is deliverance from captivity and where best to enjoy it than your weekends. Your weekends provides the perfect platform to appreciate your liberation. It is a time where you experience the exaltation of discharge from your captivity. Your captivity could be your place of work, school or college. Being liberated is to take ownership of your life and run your life from the power of your very own decisions. You are not answerable to anyone over the weekends, in fact you are at liberty to do whatever you please. Liberation is your libation to a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Liberation sets you free like a bird flying high into the sky floating endlessly over the horizon. Liberation is really an emancipation from the bondage of your Employer, your Boss, your Peers and your inequities in life. I want you to feel free this weekend and to do the things that you want to do without permission, without control and without confinements. I want you to flap your wings and glide over the limitations of your life and reach out for the tallest order and nullify the shortest disorder. I want you to embrace your kin and have them beside you at all times. I want you laugh and laugh out loud. I want you to mingle and don’t be single. I want you to talk and I want you to walk. Talk to the plants and talk to anyone that you desire for there are no barriers. I want you to walk, to amble, to ramble and to shamble through the woods, the forest, the lea or the suburbs of your imagination. For you are free today and tomorrow as there are no barriers when you are free.

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