Saturday 29 November 2014


Quote for the day
‘Confidence in you is Cultivating Opportunities Nurtures Faith In Delicate Ebulliences, Creating Never-Ending Enjoyment in you.’

When you lack confidence you cannot see light at the end of the tunnel, you live your life without hope and the results you see on a daily basis will always lessen your hopes for another day. Confidence is about sureness in yourself illustrating your ability to demonstrate that you can perform anything in life with certainty. To establish a level of confidence that you have at the precise moment you need to rate your poise or composure right away on a scale of 0 – 100. Now it is quite possible that your confidence is set at 0. My confidence 20 years ago was below zero. I was shattered, devastated and extremely suicidal. Nothing would seem right, everything was ugly. I lacked dignity and self-assurance. I could not walk 20 foot without feeling that I would fall into a puddle of shame and humiliation. Perhaps you are not as bad as me, perhaps your confidence level is higher maybe set at 20, 30 or more. If your confidence level is at 100 you would not be needing inspiration but rather commendation. When you change your circumstances by polarising negatives and making them positives you are actually cultivating opportunities bespoke to your needs in your mind. Let us assume that you are a plumber and work is a bit scarce and you conjure or cultivate this desire in your mind to start working from home. You lacked the faith to do just that because you do not have the acumen for business and spent most of your life working for someone else. You then investigated the hub of business affairs and found incredible levels of support from local authorities and funding to start your own business. Mentally you took a dull situation and turned it around. By investigation you developed faith in your abilities. It is not an overnight process for your level of ebulliences will certainly come in delicate doses. Today you woke up in a new vestment. Tomorrow you go for training and the next day mail will come through your post-box or email box giving you support and wisdom. Suddenly you feel a sense of enjoyment. You took negatives and you made it positives. You took your skills and you made it work. You stopped procrastinating and started concentrating, calculating and then activating. Dullness became fullness and darkness became a new beginning for you, like light at the end of a long tunnel for you. Therefore Confidence in you is all about Cultivating Opportunities that Nurtures Faith In Delicate Ebulliences, Creating Enjoyment in you, for you and for all your loved ones.

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