Sunday 2 November 2014

‘PAR’ – Planning, Action, Result.

Quote of the day

‘A seed is a source of all good things to come. A seed holds the key to everything from maize to amazement. Every seed is encrypted with a code called PAR. PAR stands for Plan, Action and Result.’

In order to create light we need to turn the switch on. In order to create New Year’s Resolutions we need to turn our switch on as well. Our switch is slightly different to an electronic switch but the principle is the same. Our switch is a shift from a negative to a positive. Our switch is an adjustment from the normal to the paranormal. The use of the word paranormal in this instance implies a magical life. Our switch is also the difference between a glorious life to an inglorious one. It is about altering, it is about creating a plan decoded to your need. It is about tweaking this plan so that it will work for you in 2015. Planning your resolutions in advance creates the blueprint of your entire life. Like a seed for an oak tree which appears as an acorn or the embryo to a chicken that looks just like a chick your blueprint holds the key to your future.  Only you can decide on this, hence The Countdown Series. Only you have the power to design your future, organise your life, develop the stamina, form the resolutions and shape your day. Planning is not only about preparation, planning is also about formulating. Formulation expresses your innermost desires and passions on paper. It puts thoughts to paper. What comes next is Action and finally the Result. We will speak about Action and The Result later on. Dear Friends, don’t waste a second, start by identifying what you really want. Start planning from today. This creates formulation and the first course to the making of your blueprint. It is your PAR.

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