Wednesday 26 November 2014

Don't open the box and close the idea

‘Don’t open the box and close the idea’
Quote of the day
‘Opportunities in life come in all shapes and sizes, the only difficulties that we face is that we cannot see them even though we are constantly drawn to them. Always open opportunities bestowed upon you but never close the idea.’

Opportunities do come in all shapes and sizes. The real question is what is an opportunity? My take on the description of the word opportunity can best be depicted as the following:

‘An opportunity is a unique privilege for any human being irrespective of age, colour, creed or gender to have a independent vision of their expectancy of life on Earth from birth to death. During this centennial period in their lives we know that each individual is constantly changing by the hour and by the day. Opportunities gives people the viewpoint of what they are capable of achieving and what it takes to achieve such a perspective. The Universe pours opportunities to all but we need the courage and bravery to accept bespoke opportunities according to our needs.’

Many of us will always hesitate to make significant changes to our lives. We are generally afraid of changes and are afraid to become failures we if did try. You need to have a strong backbone to move forward in a world that is generally a backbreaker. You need nerves of steel. It is like a contest in sport with just a single victor. Victory comes at a price. You need constant training and a strong belief in yourself. When opportunities knock on your door, you need to open the door and let them in. Good opportunities are clear and not translucent or opaque. Good and Clear Opportunities illustrate a certain level of input that is required from you. Bad and unclear opportunities can be seen a mile away. They are generally appear easy to achieve like a windfall or a scheme like a pyramid scheme that lures people to their financial doom. Dear friends you have the power to imagine and therefore through your thought processes of vividness and clarity you will always see light at the end of the tunnel for you. Most of it is common sense but common sense is often tainted with greed and lust. You have to differentiate the two with immediate effect. Let opportunities come your way but you must develop the nerve to swerve past the bad and unclear opportunities and curve the good and clear opportunities towards you. To have the nerve is to serve your bravery and courage in whatever you do by observing, conserving, reserving and preserving. Observation is the thought process of examining an opportunity with care and with caution. Conservation is about maintaining and sustaining your nerve throughout the process of executing something. Reservation is about setting aside time each day to execute your agenda irrespective of what it is. Preservation is about protection. It is about protecting what you have amassed over the years of hard work that you put into a project. You can change the outlook o 2015 for you. It just requires your bravery from dawn to dusk.

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