Saturday 22 November 2014

The Golden Ground Rule

‘The Golden Ground Rule’
Quote of the day
‘Before you make a decision that can have an impact on your life you need to make a full revision of that decision before making provisions.’

Dear Friends, what becomes of tomorrow lies entirely on what we do today and more importantly of what we thought of yesterday. Many a failure in life stems from poor and evasive thoughts the day before resulting in a constraint day today and a less creative tomorrow. Before you embark on making decisions you need to identify exactly what needs changing in your life. This could be one or more problems only you will be able to identify. This formulates a type of resolution, pertinent to the end of the year because we now shall call it our New Year’s Resolutions. Our New Year’s Resolutions are our unique pledge to see a change in the New Year, in this case 2015. The question is are we willing to take on the challenge? This is what I call Planning. Planning is arranging your affairs in a correct way so that the New Year can take off in the right way. Planning is about preparation to find out what are the requirements needed to make our Resolutions work. Planning is about developing new skills and knowledge to counteract our problem or problems. Planning is about scheduling time each day into workable agendas to make work completed rather than incomplete. Planning is about forecasting the possibilities of setbacks, inhibitions or distractions that always tap on our front door. The entire concept of Planning is called Revision of your decision or decisions. If you are not willing to make an individual change then you will not experience an overall change. If you have to make today fulfilled and accomplished then you have to start thinking about today the day before. You have to revise before you improvise. Are you now ready for Action? Are you willing to make tomorrow a better day? If so what about your provisions? To take a plan into action you need provisions. You need vital necessities to make things work. A financially constraint person would need a moratorium as his or her provision and a time schedule to make the moratorium work. Where do we get provisions from or rather where did I get my provisions from? This is what tomorrow all is about. Tomorrow is your day of sustenance, a day where you shall receive and then perceive, believe and finally achieve your goals or your resolutions. I received some twenty years ago. I ten perceived this new knowledge over some time and finally I started to believe especially in myself. Now I have achieved what I listed on my Yearly resolutions. What I have achieved is what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to see a change and finally I got exactly the change I needed. I am here as a fully matured Human Being that awakes each with a vision to do better onto myself and onto my fellowman and woman. See you tomorrow.

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