Sunday 16 November 2014

‘Action for Satisfaction’
Quote of the day
‘Action is the converse of inaction because action is attraction that brings satisfaction. Inaction is distraction. Action is Exaction. Inaction is constant faction and subtraction. Action is deliberate extraction and calculated interaction.’

Dear Friends, by now we should have become saturated with Inspiration. We all have the dreams of a nobleman or noblewoman. We all want to see change. We have a noted list of Resolutions to make 2015 the best year of our lives and we all have a common denominator and that is to see our dreams through. We analysed our dreams for their valuable content, we filtered them to remove selfishness from the equation and we tried and tested them to assess whether we want to go ahead with them or not. Inspiration creates imagination, Inspiration creates illumination, Inspiration creates relaxation and Inspiration creates realisation. However without ACTION inspiration fizzles away like a firework that creates awe in the skies above for a brief period. The word Action is a much feared word because we are openly afraid to commit to change. We are afraid of the outcome and therefore prefer to remain as we are. We will constantly accept Inspiration because we know Inspiration creates wonderful dreams but dreams as we know are like fireworks that don’t last. Perhaps you found that ideal Inspirational Gallery in me. You are willing to tap into The Extranet on a daily basis when required or perhaps you do so on a daily basis. You want to be inspired to lighten up your imagination and live a life that lasts just for that moment or for the day. However when Action meets you face to face you turn the other away because you are afraid to meet the consequences for change. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you are entitled to a live a life of pampering and luxuries on a daily basis. You are entitled to love on a daily basis and you are entitled to a chunk of the opulence of The Universe. Therefore ACTION is your next step. ACTION gives results. Do you recall my first Quote of November? My first Quote for November was PAR. PAR stood for Plan, Action and Result. In the last 15 days or perhaps since you followed me on Twitter there has been an abundance of bespoke inspirational values to nudge you to start planning for a life of pampering, luxuries and a chunk of the opulence of The Universe. Yesterday I saw Interstellar, the science fiction blockbuster. I was seated at the back and in front of me was a packed audience. During the film I noticed attention. The audience was so inspired and engrossed in the film that at some point in the film we all started to cry. Inspiration is like that. It gains our attention. We become hooked. We need ACTION to make a change. We need ACTION to see us through. ACTION will deliver the satisfaction that we deserve. ACTION is exaction. It’s a tough process, it is a challenge. It is onerous and this is why many of us are often not ready to move forward. ACTION is all about Extraction, extracting the right set of rules to fulfil your dreams. ACTION is about Interaction with the right people to make dreams come true. If your dreams are unselfish I guarantee that you will achieve them. Log on tomorrow for your blueprint, signed, sealed and delivered to you. This is no joke. This is the truth, waiting for you and waiting for you to take ACTION. ACTION is about Attracting Constant Traction In Orchestrated Notions.

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