Thursday 20 November 2014

‘Don’t discriminate, don’t incriminate and don’t intimidate’
Quote of the day
‘Take heed of your fellowmen or women who may well be in need. Don’t discriminate them for their creed or their breed. Don’t incriminate them for their greed and don’t intimidate them if they cede.’

You cannot walk the furlong and long for the fur with discrimination, incrimination and intimidation in your heart. You need to love what you do, you need to love the people that exist equally in our world, you need to love your family and your friends, you need to love the punters, you need to love the hunters, you need to love our Heavenly Father and you need to love yourself. You cannot judge someone else for their ethnicity, colour, culture or creed. Don’t judge or misjudge. Don’t hate or rate even if it is your old mate. Don’t have hostility in your heart, volatility in your mind and irresponsibility in your actions. Don’t bully, don’t be woolly and don’t be silly. Don’t laugh at someone, don’t gossip about them either. Don’t pity the disable for they have an equal right to live from city to city. Don’t mock another human being, don’t shock them with your vile, don’t stalk them either and don’t hawk them neither here or there. Life is about living it and not giving it away. Everyone has a life and this is the most important thing to remember. You cannot discriminate another human being for their creed or their breed. A person’s creed is his or her chosen faith. It is personal and we should respect it. People come in all shapes and sizes, in all colours and disguises and in various walks of life. As much as we want to be successful we must respect their need to be equally successful. We need to embrace rather than disgrace. We need to be patient rather than the patient. We need to learn to be good, we also need to yearn for the good and we should show concern for the good or the bad. We need to desire friendship rather than require it. To desire is to cherish a long relationship with someone. Dear Friends I urge you to stop discriminating, incriminating and intimidating. This is your third ground rule to follow before implementing your instructions.

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