Wednesday 5 November 2014

‘Work to become someone, never live to become no one.’

Quote of the day

‘Always work towards been someone, never live to become no one. Only you can make somebody out of yourself even though others will always want you to be nobody.’

Gone are the days of slavery, gone are the days of abuse, gone are the days of torture, gone are the days of racialism, gone are the days of war and gone are the days of human atrocities. Today is the day of equality, quality and polity for all human beings. Don’t be distracted when you see remnants of the past, take no note, move forward and focus on what you have to do. What is your job? This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. This is not a commitment for life but rather an acknowledgement of what you do. The second question is how good are you at your job? This really requires a serious thought process. To assist you in answering these questions please refer to the following Quotes that I previously wrote about:

Previous Quote – The Bakers Dozen

‘I shall always follow a set of unselfish instructions that has previously worked’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you follow the path of righteousness that has been laid down by someone else you will make a real success of your life. You will be someone despite everyone encouraging you to be no one.

Previous Quote

‘If I do things right nothing will go wrong. If I do things wrong then everything will never be right.’

Dear Friends, I pledge openly that whatever your goal is if you earnestly prompt yourself to achieve that goal correctly and unselfishly you shall sit on the throne of your success in a given time. You will be someone because you acted humane and you worked steadily and achieved something that you deserve. No one can take this victory from you, no one. So, if you are a plumber, a janitor or a Doctor you need to be proud of what you do and you need to excel in what you do. This makes your responsibilities in life very clear, pronounced and promising. Do these things diligently and see how easy it is to set realistic goals or resolutions.

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