Friday 14 November 2014

‘Hard enough – Soft enough’
Quote of the day
‘A Hard day at the office makes you liberated to create a soft evening at home. A Challenging week is rewarded with a nonchalant weekend. Hard creates soft and soft creates hard.’

Most of us yearn for the weekend and sometimes we may have an even longer weekend. We want the weekend to come very quickly so that we could shut off our troubles. We want to hide from the sound of pressure and we want to creep into a canopy of bliss away from the constant hiss. We want to be merry and bury our trauma till Monday morning. A weekend should never be a form of recluse. A weekend should a period of pamper without any form of scamper. It should be a time to be rewarded because we tried hard enough to make our working week accomplished and fulfilled. Hard working weeks yields in general a soft weekend. Hard working weeks takes the individual and subjects him or her into a period of challenging agendas not makeshift but done conscientiously in a dayshift. Conscientiously is a word that I would sum up the makings of a meritocratic individual, destined to succeed and destined to live a life bountiful, dutiful and beautiful. A meritocratic Goal Setter is one that is thorough, meticulous, punctual, honest, sincere, honourable and careful. This sums up his or her working week as hard enough. They tried hard enough to get the job done to the best of their abilities. They tried hard enough to make ends meet. They were not selfish, distasteful or lazy. They woke up from bed and said out loudly let us go forth and make our day accomplished and fulfilled. They looked at their lives as a challenge and met any obstacles that came upon them. To these meritocratic individual a soft weekend is always in the waiting. They know well that a hard day at the office makes them liberated to create a soft evening at home. They know well that a hard week at the office makes them liberated to create a soft weekend at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I urge to give your best each week in order to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have a blessed weekend. From hard to soft cometh a weekly synopsis of a successful person’ life. Hard on weekdays and soft on weekends.

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