Tuesday 9 December 2014

Have 5 a day, not just in the goodness of foods but in the fondness of your moods

‘Have 5 a day, not just in the goodness of foods but in the fondness of your moods.’
Quote of the day
‘5 a day makes you sway, gay and play. 5 a day boosts your moods and makes you feel excessively good. 5 a day is like rays of sunshine so full of brightness and so delight with kindness.’

Five foods that changes your lifestyle and reduces unnecessary and unwanted fats are commonly known as broccoli, blueberries, flax seeds, spinach and beans. Flax seeds for example contain high levels of fibre and are known to lower cholesterol. What would you say are 5 things like food that you could consume that will create incredibly good moods? Over the years I asked this question over and over again and the inference was:
Laughter, Enthusiasm, Energy, Friendliness and Spirituality.
Laughter brings about harmony within and outside of our mind and our body. Laughter is about generating true happiness. Laughter is the Faculty of Merriment, enjoyment and Glee. Laughter is the converse of sadness. It brings joy to your heart and brighten your day.
Enthusiasm is an individual’s passion and desire to execute a dream, idea or hobby from start to finish. It is their eagerness that wants to soar above 100% and burst out from their minds into a reality. Eagerness makes an individual’s world less surreal and more real. Enthusiasm makes you get up each day with a purpose in life, to make you deliver your best in every possible situation.
Energy comes from foods which we have highlighted before. Good sources of energy gets the job done professionally, academically and honestly. Eating well in daily does of balanced moderation and careful consideration for those around you promotes good energy. Energy is your vigour and can be tweaked to push you through unparalleled limits. Energy makes you operate like a dynamo, silently but yet so progressively.
Friendliness should be your trademark to success. Friendliness illustrates that you are easy-going, likeable, approachable, kind, gentle, honest, sincere, special, loving, generous, charitable, sociable, unselfish, wise, talented, exceptional and devout. Friendliness creates harmony in your home, streets, city and country. Friendliness reduces enemies.
Spirituality is about believing and about serving. Spirituality holds the key to your future and your eternal life. A prayer a day helps you make the most of your day. A prayer is like a song that chimes a millions pertinent words to rid the meanness of life and to establish the greenness of the outdoors. Spirituality is a vital intake in your life, it opens new doors and closes unwanted ones.
Like the 5 foods you need these 5 words in your system day in and day out. You need to practise it, you need to implement it and you need to respect it. Consume these potent words daily and see how enriched your life will become. 5 words a day will certainly make you sway, gay and play. 5 words a day will make you joyous filled with an encore of love and happiness. 5 words a day shall brighten your day like the rays of sunshine over the horizon and above the ocean floor.

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