Friday 12 December 2014

Always match your strategy with your finances

‘You must match your strategies with your finances, from little projects to overwhelming ones.’
Quote of the day

‘Every strategy in life works if there is a counterstrategy in place, if not then catastrophe stands next in line’

Creating Resolutions for the New Year is something that is not taken seriously by most of us, including myself especially in the years gone by. I lacked confidence in myself and did not have faith in people that I associated with. As a result Resolutions have become more of a fad than a novelty. Resolutions tend to conjure up visions in people to effectively make changes in their lives for the betterment of their living standards but the passion and desire stops after the first few days after New Year. It is an annual practise that we all verbally commit to, usually on the 31st of December without any thought or predetermined plans. When the clock strikes New Year we celebrate, we rejoice and then forget completely about our resolutions. One of the noted areas of failure is when one chooses unwisely over what they effectively need to change. They choose a project, a goal or a resolution without carefully thinking of the finances involved in that particular strategy. They simply do not match their finances with their strategies and finally when New Year arrives they do not know what to do. Some people subscribe to diet plans, weight loss programs, correspondences courses and a whole lot more. At the end of the day, when they have to pay for these subscriptions and prescriptions they realise that they no longer have the passion and desire to lose weight, gain wealth or live in prosperity. They soon get back on the band wagon and carry on in the New Year with similar patterns like the previous year. Dear Friends finding out what changes you need to make in your life comes from within you. Only YOU can see, feel, touch and experience the problems that vexes you. Resolutions are absolutions. They detach you from the perils of confinements. Once you know your confinements be it wealth, health or any of the disengagements that entangles you, write it down. It maybe just one problems or many problems. Writing it down makes you realise what needs to be done to make changes to your life. It is like getting a quotation. Can you afford it? Do you have the time to commit to it? Can you match your strategy with your finances? Some strategies could be miniscule such as changing from white to brown flour to help you reduce weight. Brown bread and rice is a bit more expensive that white bread and rice. Other strategies could be larger such as opening a MacDonald’s Franchise. To commit to resolutions you need time and you need money. You are the only judge for that. You may need more time than money or vice versa, once committed stick to it and you will be amazed with the results.

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