Tuesday 30 December 2014

Newton's 1st Law of Motion

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
Quote of the day
‘Every body continues in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise. Everybody continues in a state of rest, play or work in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise.’

Hello Dear Friends, welcome to the penultimate day of 2014. It is important to value your goals for they shape and make you the person you want to be in 2015. If you are not serious than 2015 will be just another year in another elliptical path around the Sun. Sit back for a moment in recluse if you have to and ponder on the changes that you would seriously like to see happen in 2015 for you, for your family and for your country. Write them down, look at them intently and see what it takes to make you great. All great things in life don’t emerge out of the soil in a split second, they take time. Using Newton’s 1st law of Motion we can visualise what will happen to us in 2015. I want you to imagine an object or a body in front of you standing still and motionless. Newton said that this body will continue to remain in this position until compelled to do otherwise. Is this true? Well I want you to gaze at this object or body that you selected in front of you for a five minutes. Did that object or body move? The answer will be that it did not move. Now I want you to physically push that object or body in any manner, if it is fragile do it gently. What happens? You will notice that the object will move and how much it moved would depend entirely on how much you pushed it. This clarifies Newton’s 1st Law of Motion which states that an object or a body will continue in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise. Based on this 1st Law of linear motion we too will remain the same if we do not ‘push’ ourselves to do something. Take a task for today as listed in your agenda or daily memorandum. It is a task because you put it there. Will the task be completed if you remained in the position that you are. To get that task completed you need to push yourself to do it. You need to take motionless tasks and turn it into motion and emotional tasks. You are still in control because only you will know when to stop or when to put the brakes on. All resolutions listed in front of you written in a memo or some form of pad or perhaps a tablet or laptop will still be there until you took the initiative to get the job done. To be initiative you need to be inventive, creative and enterprising. This creates the push that you need to take stationary thoughts and turn them into ACTION. Acton yields results. The right actions always yield the right results. Dear Friends, ponder on your resolutions and then take them to the next level. Take motionless dreams and turn them into promotional teams. Take away the commotion from your motion, add a little bit of devotion and you will have the right locomotion for 2015. Don’t thank me for this but rather give praise to Almighty GOD to give us the rules and laws to become unselfishly successful.

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