Saturday 27 December 2014

Empty pockets are often better than empty minds

‘Empty pockets are often better than empty minds.’
Quote of the day
 ‘Keep your mind active with plenty of hopes and dreams. Then fill your pockets with completed dockets implementing action from thought.’

Start 2015 on a blank canvas and slowly etch your life into it. The Preparatory plans for 2015 can only come from your mind. An active mind creates dynamic and energetic goals. An active mind promotes a diversity of goals tailored made to suit your needs and as you build on these goals you will etch onto the blank canvas your life in a mellow tone of good and bad moments. This picture will depict your fortitude or your weaknesses. It will demonstrate how courageous and brave you will be in 2015. Therefore by keeping an active mind you automatically create dynamic and energetic goals, the converse of keeping an idle mind. I need for you to use the next 345,600 seconds to keep your mind constantly active. I want you to reflect on 2014 and highlight the good moments from the bad moments. I need for you to ask yourself why and where did it all go wrong and what miracles did you encounter to create good moments as good memories. Can you imagine 365 days of magical miracles reaching your heart every single day in 2015? I don’t see why not. Why should you accept bad moments when good moments will do just fine? It all about proper thinking, planning and initiating. It is about keeping your mind filled with inspiring hopes and dreams. It is about getting those idealistic goals onto paper and looking at their viability or their possibilities. Nothing is impossible if you keep your mind active rather than inactive. Active minds create attractive goals. It could be a single goal or it could be a collective goal. If your goal is to lose weight then bring out those recipe books that sits idle on the shelf and start cooking your own meals. If you want your bills to be lowered and become more affordable then you need to take drastic action. You need to figure out a way to increase your income and reduce you expenses. Christmas brings the joy within us, we now need to use this joy more effectively. We need to speak to Almighty GOD for spiritual guidance and to filled our pockets with filled dockets containing instructions to implement our goals.

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