Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve
Quote of the day
‘The show has come to an end, it lasted for 365 days. The props are slowly put way and the stage is bare. Tomorrow new pros shall take centre stage and you shall perform your wonders for the world to see.’
Good news has come upon us in 2014 but bad news also saddened us. These were diseases, pestilence, suffering, poverty, violence, disasters, war, abuse, financial problems, human conflict, major setbacks, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, gang warfare, riots, demonstrations, animal abuse, deforestation, road fatalities, hunger and so many disengagements that often makes us shudder. I want you to acknowledge these devastating setbacks and be aware of possibilities in the New Year. Be alert I say onto you. Live in anticipation. Don’t make similar mistakes but rather work towards correcting them. Clear ground for new innovations, put them into practise. Walk the righteous path where every drop of rain is pure and every burst of shine sun is bright. Travel with company, travel the world and learn from other individuals that hold the key to your future. Love your fellowman and woman like never before. Don’t live with hostility just move along with nobility. Keep your head above water but also keep your feet on the ground. Open your eyes to opportunities and open your eyes to the needs of your communities. Listen to their sorrow and make a promise for their tomorrows that you will lend a helping hand. Start your resolutions as per your agenda now, and then go about and fulfil them. There will be obstacles but there will also be spectacles.  More ahead with positivity and don’t look back at the sadness that 2014 portrayed. Look to opportunities in 2015 with passion and desire. I wish you a pleasant evening from the bottom of my heart and as you say farewell to 2014 I want you to greet 2015 with high spirits. I want you to maintain these feelings in your heart for the next 365 days.  

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