Wednesday 10 December 2014

You need to identify your weaknesses and in turn strengthen them with all your might and energies.

You need to identify your weaknesses and in turn strengthen them with all your might and energies.
Quote of the day
‘Weaknesses can best described as our blatant flaws incurred over the decades, characterised by our obvious feebleness in making decisions and our softness in confronting adversaries. These constitute our limitations in life and to overcome them we need to develop our strength.’

A weakness in an individual can be quite debilitating. When we are weak we do not perform according to our abilities. When we are weak we often feel tired before even starting our day. We feel mentally drained. We often have a negative outlook to our day, with premonitions that our day will be bad. Our outlook to our future is equally despondent and incapacitating. Our weaknesses is often portrayed in our stance, our expressions and in our speech. People latch onto these weaknesses and then casually take advantage of us. This is something that we need to put a stop to. But how, you may well ask? How do we develop strengths when we are obviously so weak. The question to ask yourself how you can lift a pocket of potatoes when you struggle to peel a single potato. It all starts with a bit of patience. Patience is a true virtuosity of a successful meritocratic individual. Like a seed patience takes time to cultivate. Fortunately time is something that we have a lot of. To cultivate patience you need to understand the true meaning of the word patience. Similarly to cultivate a seed you need to know a little bit about the seed. You cannot plant a daffodil bulb in November and expect to see a flowering plant in January, the following year. You need to exercise patience. You need to endure the time period for growth and development. You need to be tolerant over unforeseen setbacks. You need to be persistent despite distractions that come in front of you. You need to have the staying power and stamina to see your goals through. This is what patience is all about. Knowledge forms the basic foundation to your start. Knowing when to sow will tell you when to reap. This comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from above. To determine what your weaknesses are you need to extrapolate key and distinct flaws in your character. What is it that holds you back? What is your fear? What makes someone more successful than you? Why aren’t you doing something about it? Is it fear that holds you back? Are you afraid to venture forward and prefer to be stuck in the same old rut again and again. You need to be like the seed. You need power and your body certainly holds that. You need a forte of stronger points that overcomes the weaker ones. You need to be forceful and assertive and make inanimate objects move away from your positional state. You need to tone your muscles to make them perform at their level best. You need to be metier. You need to concentrate on the next second and contemplate on the previous one and vice versa. You need to develop vigour in your blood that drives you to overcome your weaknesses. This is the clear cut steeping stones for you. 

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