Sunday 28 December 2014

Abide by the Laws and avoid any Flaws

Abide by the Law and avoid any Flaws.
Quote of the day
‘The Key ingredients to Success in 2015 is to keep within the parameters of the Law and to avoid making the same flaws. You need to draw in the enthusiasm of creating wonderful resolutions and withdraw from the apathy of breaking them.’

2015 holds a prism of endless possibilities for you. Don’t be despondent if they say you cannot own your own home. Be respondent and say that you will own your own home even if you have to build it brick by brick. If you are divorcing your spouse, stop and think deeply about it and try to reverse the process for the sake of your sanity and for the sake of your family. Keeping within the parameters of the Law helps you achieve success all the way. It follows the principle of Success which states that nothing will go wrong if you do things right. There are laws and there are flaws.  Laws will get you there flaws will take you nowhere. Dear Friends making a success of your life is not rocket science. It does not require special skills or huge bills or to even go over the hill. It just requires you to enjoy your life savoured with the thrills and frills of life. Let the dawn begin and when you awake stand bold and be ready to take off like a fledgling waiting to be trained, entertained and unconstrained. Enjoy what you do. Keep within the parameters of the given laws and avoid the common flaws. Create an aura of enthusiasm. If you are interested you will develop the passion and the desire to achieve. If you are forced into doing something that isn’t your cup of tea you will soon develop the apathy in the subject matter. Be like great achievers that persevered all day and all night long such as Bill gates and Warren Buffet. Don’t remain idle just think of someone that is your idol. How did they achieve their goals? What was it that kept them ticking? You can do it, you will have me to urge you to emerge from the fertility of the New Year. Go for it, don’t be afraid.

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