Monday 8 December 2014

The greater your needs the greater are your responsibilities

‘The greater your needs the greater are your responsibilities.’

Quote of the day
‘All manifestations in life, from your dreams to your nightmarish screams, from goals to acquire to roles to inspire, from good health to ample wealth and from brevity to longevity holds a measured quantity of responsibility. This quantity is directly proportional to your imagination. The greater your imagination, the greater is your responsibilities.’

Creating resolutions is one thing but to honour them takes courage and bravery. To cultivate courage and bravery we need to know exactly what needs to be done to ensure all our resolutions come to light in the New Year. More importantly we do not want to take on more than we can chew.  All aspects of goal cultivation or Resolutions Undertaking takes time and it takes a subtle ingredient called effort. Time is plentiful but effort is not. Effort is about exertion of which we do not have the power to overcome our obvious inertia. Effort is possible if we have the correct pockets of energy. We need energy on a daily basis but we also need good and sustainable energy. In other words we need the correct energy to exercise the correct workload. We need to sweat a little. It does not hurt and great successful men and women will tell a tale of sweat and perspiration. Effort is also about the constant determination that you had at the beginning of your goal searching. You cannot allow your determination to fizzle away because of a setback. Irrespective of your gallant attempts to become successful you will always be faced with a struggle. Time and Effort will produce the goods but it also has to be a concerted effort. Great blocks of limestone were moved in Ancient Civilisations because a great deal of effort was applied. Men and Women were obviously stronger than us, therefore could tear down a pyramid for a palace. I want 2015 to work for you. I want you to swim the deepest oceans or climb the most rugged mountains. I want you to believe in yourself and in not what others think of you. I want you to turn your life around. I want you to flip the coin and look at your life in a different perspective. I want you to be aware of the responsibilities attached to your goals. The greater are your needs the greater will your responsibilities be. Love your goals and love your life, marry both of them with a measured quantity of responsibilities. 

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