Sunday 21 December 2014

Financially Wealthy, Substantially Healthy

‘Financially Wealthy, Substantially Healthy’

I want to become financially wealthy but I lack the ability to do it.’
Don’t measure your finances in Dollars and Cents but rather in Scholars and Sense.

One of the stumbling blocks that we all encounter is money. Money is just a five letter word but yet it is the pallbearer to all evil. People search for wealth with stealth and often neglect their health. People will stash their cash, others will flash their cash and some will splash their cash. Why is it that this 5 letter word available in so many different denominations throughout the world creates problems such as heartaches, headaches, backaches, aches, bellyaches and stomach-aches? Money is indeed a necessity, without it we cannot live, we cannot eat, sleep or have the occasional treat. Money is indeed the pallbearer of all evil. I say onto you change your concept of money. Don’t valuate it in dollars and cents but rather value it with scholarly sense. Are you wealthy, healthy and prosperous or are you poor, unhealthy and a constant failure. If you analyse these two probabilities you will find that they do not really exist. In fact no one is poor, no one is unhealthy and no one is a failure. These are labels that other people attach to you. They drive pass you in faster cars, they want to be waited upon in their luxurious homes or to be pampered from head to toe. At the end of the day we all are millionaires. The only difference is that most people classify millionaires as people with money at their disposable. I say that we are all millionaires. We all millionaires at heart and as for the pocket we are all millionaires if we want to become one. To do that you need to become a scholar. A scholar is someone that researches his or her plight before he or she takes flight. They know the heights of their needs or resolutions and always write them down. They always smite the right buttons and are generally bright from head to toe. They are aware of any slight variations to their cause and always do things right. Making money is a vocation and not a vacation. Making money is not about being funny but rather about being sunny. Money is a requirement in life that can be manufactured. You just need to learn how to and from the right sources. This is the scholarly sense. This is the academic approach to your life and to a possible change to your life in 2015. You cannot say that you lack the ability if the skills are out there to be grasped. Save a pound today and watch how it shall grow in a week, in a month and over a lifetime.

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