Saturday 22 October 2016

Earthly Seasons

Earthly Seasons

Quote of the day

‘Every earthly season holds its own melodrama of courtship, hardship, relationship, leadership and untold friendship. You need to be Patient, Enduring and Tolerant every season of the year’

Seasons come and seasons go but they always leave behind a trail of knowledge, a vale of wisdom, a plateau of opportunities and a sea of optimism. As seasons come and go we notice changes, we notice regeneration and we notice a cyclic pattern of migration, predation and fertilisation. Welcome to your weekend of privacy, of piety and of variety. Privacy is good for you because you are not answerable to anyone. Piety is that period of goodness, kindness and respectfulness that you fall into and float like a dandelion in search of peace and equanimity. Variety is the opportunities available to you and based on your preferences you could do virtually anything. Like seasons in the year where changes are constantly happening, you will notice that changes are happening to you too. Some changes are infinitesimally small whilst others changes are notably bigger. Some changes are good and sadly some are not. As seasons come and go we need to focus are things that promote good changes in you. We also need to let bygones be bygones when bad changes occur. As seasons come and go we can always try again next year for better results and better opportunities. What went wrong last season can easily be amended in the next season. Nature has a way of dealing with losses and gains. You need to deal similar cards when you submerge yourself into a vale of possibilities and opportunities. Think before you wink or blink. Be like nature that makes notable changes annually. Change with the seasons and record your changes no matter how small they are. Some changes take longer than others. Be patient and let nature take its course. Be patient, enduring and tolerant each year. Be as popular as the seasons. Make notable changes in your life in increments you can cope with. Have a wonderful weekend and may you recharge every cell in your body to recover from bad changes and discover good changes.

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