Friday 7 October 2016

The Seedling and the Tree – Part 1

The Seedling and the Tree – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘There was once a seedling that spoke to the tree beside it and asked, will I ever be like you someday, so tall, so strong, so green and so independent. The tree then replied by saying that everything in life takes time. I still have to grow and meet my adversities every single day. You will be like me if you think like me, act like me and grow like me. It’s all about time, patience and forbearance.’

Welcome to all of you on a fine and stupendous day from the Universally Friendly team based here in good old London Town. It is warm to grace your delightful presence and it embracing to know that we are friends, not just ordinary friends but Universal Friends. Inspiration is actually the catalyst to ignite passion and desire, however like water to dough to make bread you also need motivation. The tree once said to the sapling think like me, act like me and grow like me. Everything does take time. Gestation takes time, building a strong foundation takes time, migration takes time, mutation takes time, education takes time, calculation takes time, consultation takes time, germination takes time, observation and navigation takes time, transformation takes time, administration takes time, fertilisation takes time, organisation takes time, stabilisation takes time and rehabilitation takes time. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls everything takes time. To every requirement in life there is an attached responsibility and a period of time. The sapling appears anxious but also apprehensive. The tree is experienced and knows how to meet the adversaries of its day. If you want to succeed in life you need first to establish the area of your life that needs improvement. Is it finances, happiness, education, prosperity, a retirement portfolio, children, grand-children or anything that tickles your fancy. You are the decider, the provider, the rider, the divider and the outsider. You are the decider because only you know exactly what your needs are.  You are the divider because you have the ability to take allocated time and divide it into manageable tasks. You are the rider of your affairs because only you are aware of your capabilities and qualifications. You are the outsider in your affairs too. You are a newbie to your challenge and therefore like the seedling you need to grow slowly but surely. You are the provider for you and your family. As a provider you can ascertain how much more funds you need. In Part 2 we shall explore the conversation between the tree and the seedling. Communication exists in all life forms. Success exists in all life forms. We need to observe and we need to learn. We need to attach a timeframe to our responsibilities and then take action. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as we conclude Part 2 of this article. Do have a wonderful weekend.

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